Check The List Of Top 10 Pigmentation Creams For A Bright And Flawless Skin

Pigmentation is one of the most common enemies of our skin. But the good news is that it can be eliminated completely. With so many good pigmentation creams available in the market, you can easily find your best pick and say ‘goodbye’ to the marks, spots, blemishes, suntans, and pigmentation on your skin. Let us talk about top 10 pigmentation creams that can make you look bright and flawless.

Pigmentation is a skin condition in which the production of melanin (a skin pigment) goes up in the skin. It can be caused by excessive sun exposure, inflammation, skin injuries, damages, allergic reactions, aging, certain medication, hormonal changes, and genetic. People with darker skin are more prone to developing pigmentation.

Top 10 Pigmentation Creams In India 

1. Fabindia Vitamin E De-Pigmentation Cream

Fabindia Vitamin E De-pigmentation Cream

The Fabindia Vitamin E De-Pigmentation Cream is a 100% ‘no-chemical formula’ (does not contain hydroquinone) that is too gentle on the skin yet extremely tough on pigmentation, dark spots, and uneven tone. It contains vitamin E to prevent skin darkening and reduce black spots, thereby helping you get back your lost sheen and radiance. The intensive de-pigmentation treatment also moisturizes the skin profoundly leaving it soft and smooth. It is a perfect skin lightening cream for normal to dry skin having a pleasant fragrance and a buttery soft texture, which does not appear heavy and blends easily into the skin.

Price: Rs. 475 for 100 ml.

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2. Kaya Pigmentation Reducer Gel

Kaya Pigmentation Reducer Gel

The Kaya Pigmentation Reducer Gel is an exclusive pigmentation removal product that suits all types of skin perfectly. It is a translucent gel formulation intended to reduce hyperpigmentation, melasma (moderate to mild grade), discoloration from sun exposure, age spots, liver spots, and pigmentation occurred due to hormonal changes. You can also get rid of the marks of acne and pimples with the active ingredients present in the gel and get a salon-like professional skin lightning treatment at home. This product is absolutely free from hydroquinone and bleaching agents.

Price: Rs. 500 for 25 g.

3. The Nature’s Co. Bearberry-Liquorice Whitening Cream

The Nature's Co Bearberry Liquorice Whitening Cream

The Nature’s Co. Bearberry-Liquorice Cream is one of the best products for lightening blemishes and brightening the skin in a natural way. The distinct herbal formulation contains bearberry extract, which is a highly effective skin lightener while the licorice extract content in it eliminates pigmentation as well as discoloration. The product also consists of grape seed oil, kokum butter, and vegetable glycerin for providing deep-down moisturizing effects, thereby leaving the skin softer, smoother, and brighter.

Price: Rs. 995 for 50 ml.

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4. Vichy Laboratories Bi-White Med Deep Corrective Whitening Emulsion

Vichy Bi-White Deep Corrective Whitening Emulsion

The Vichy Laboratories Bi-White Med Deep Corrective Whitening Emulsion is a lightweight, paraben-free and hypoallergenic product that is tested successfully even on the most sensitive skin. It provides deep cell whitening in the epidermis layer and DRM-White even in the deeper layers. The powerful active ingredient present in this double corrective, metabolic whitening emulsion includes Phe-Resorcinol, Ellagic Acid, LHA (lipo hydroxy acid), and Adenosine, which work cumulatively to make the skin look flawless, luminous, and radiant. Basically, it offers unique three-dimensional fairness by inhibiting melanin production flow, boosting melanin diffusion flow, and stimulating expelling flow of dead cells loaded with melanin. You can also expect a bright and glowing skin that is hydrated throughout the day and pretty smooth to touch.

Price: Rs. 2300 for 50 ml.

5. Natural Bath & Body Bio-Activ De-Pigmentation Cream 

Natural Bath and Body De-pigmentation Cream

The Natural Bath & Body Bio-Activ De-Pigmentation Cream is the ultimate answer to your search for a product that can remove all pigmentation marks and give you a flawless skin. The highly advanced skin purification formula comes with licorice and pea extracts to prevent the synthesis of melanin in your skin effectively. Azeloglicina, a naturally derived dynamic ingredient in the cream, lightens pigmentation and blemishes while averting the occurrence of new brown spots. It is also enriched with a derivative of vitamin C called Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate, which provides protection from UV damages and whitens the skin at the same time. On the other hand, the vitamin E and organic vegetable glycerine keep it soft and hydrated for long.

Price: Rs. 695 for 50 ml.

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6. Lotus Herbals Fairgel Liquorice And Green Tea Fairness Gel

Lotus Herbals Fairgel

The Lotus Herbals Fairgel Liquorice And Green Tea Fairness Gel is a perfect natural skin lightening solution for all types of skin that gives flawless fairness in just 3 weeks. It is an oil-free gel formulation containing licorice extract, green tea extract, and tea tree oil, which work together to lighten pigmentation, protect from UV damages, prevent premature aging, and revitalize the dull skin. The product also restores the lost pH balance of the skin and tones it up efficiently by minimizing the pores while making the skin look healthy and radiant.

Price: Rs. 270 for 100 g.

7. Shahnaz Husain Shawhite Pigmentation Lotion

Shahnaz Husain Shawhite Pigmentation Lotion

The Shahnaz Husain Shawhite Pigmentation Lotion is a unique combination of plant extracts, which is ideal for making the skin healthy, bright, and blemish-free by eliminating dead epithelial cells. It contains mahua, neem, jamun seed, sandalwood,  date, honey, cucumber seed, and chameli extracts for complete de-pigmentation of the skin. The lightweight lotion also provides moisturization and nourishment while producing an even tone for all types of skin.

Price: Rs. 710 for 200 ml.

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8. Jovees Ayurveda Anti Blemish Pigmentation Cream

Jovees Anti Pigmentation Blemish Cream

The Jovees Ayurveda Anti Blemish Pigmentation Cream is an ayurvedic formulation that suits all skin types and keeps issues, such as pigmentation, blemishes, etc. at bay. It comes with the essence of saffron combined with the goodness of almond oil, coconut oil, grapeseed, apricot, lavender, and beeswax to fade away spots and patches, lighten the tone, and moisturize the skin efficiently.

Price: Rs. 240 for 60 g.

9. Organic Therapie Insta Clear Marks Serum

 Organic Therapie Insta Clear Marks Serum

The Organic Therapie Insta Clear Marks Serum is a breakthrough organic formulation that helps in reducing even the most stubborn as well as deep-seated discolorations and marks. Enriched with essential oils and concentrated extracts of coconut, hibiscus, rose, cypress, and juniper flower, this product is highly effective in deep penetrating the skin and repairing damaged tissues. It also tones up the skin and makes it look flawless.

Price: Rs. 249 for 50 ml.

10. AuraVedic Skin Lightening Formula 

Aura Vedic Skin Lightening Formula

The AuraVedic Skin Lightening Formula is an ayurvedic pigmentation and dark spots corrector that contains pure sandalwood, saffron, and mulberry extracts. It is highly effective in reducing dark spots, blemishes, suntans, and uneven skin tone. Upon regular use, it also enhances the texture of the skin and adds a natural radiance to it.

Price: Rs. 350 for 100 g.

While choosing your pigmentation cream, make sure that it does not contain harmful ingredients, such as hydroquinone, paraben, etc. Prolonged use of these chemicals can damage the skin and even lead to fatal diseases.

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