Liposonix – Everything You Should Know About Knocking Those Extra Inches Out With It

Going ‘fab’ to ‘flab’ is a tough task, indeed! It becomes even tougher when the extra layers of fat in certain parts of your body become resistant to a healthy diet and a robust exercise schedule. No matter how much you try to shake off those additional inches and get into the perfect shape, you end up looking flabby only. Although there are surgical body contouring treatments like Liposuction, what if you are not ready to go under the knife? Well, there is Liposonix to give you a well-toned body without surgery! This technological innovation can align your shape with your style so that you look your best in your favorite dress again. Here is everything you need to know about Liposonix:


What Is Liposonix?

Liposonix is a revolutionary body sculpting treatment that is primarily used for waist circumference reduction (abdomen, flanks, love handles, etc.). It is a non-surgical, non-invasive and safe procedure in which the innovative Liposonix system eliminates stubborn fat by disrupting subcutaneous adipose tissue (SAT) in our body. An advanced technology, featuring high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) energy, is used to achieve a desired aesthetic effect through this method. It is highly effective in localized fat reduction instead of an overall weight loss and is known to remove fat cells permanently from the problem areas.

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The Science Behind Liposonix 

As the highly focused ultrasound energy of strong intensity is used during the procedure, a continuous lesion is created in the unwanted fat present in the target area of the body. This damages, disrupts, and eventually destroys the fat tissues by keeping the surface layer of the skin intact. In addition, the procedure stimulates the natural inflammatory as well as healing responses of our body.

Therefore, the cellular debris of those adipose tissues are engulfed by macrophages (a certain kind of cells present in our blood) and removed from the area of the treatment naturally. Finally, they are transported to the liver, get metabolized there, and sent back to the fat cells throughout the body. As a result, you are left with a thinner and beautifully contoured waistline.

How Does Liposonix Work?

Even though Liposonix is a technologically advanced treatment, the procedure is extremely simple. Here are the steps:

  1. It starts with a thorough consultation with the physician to determine whether the treatment is right for the person or not.
  2. The Liposonix system is prepared for the treatment by placing the head of the device right on the area to be treated.
  3. As the device delivers high-intensity ultrasound beam, it is applied to that particular area by focusing at 1-2 cm underneath the surface of the skin. This ensures that only the unwanted fat is targeted and the skin does not get damaged at all.
  4. The head of the device is moved around that part of the body until the entire area is covered and the treatment is complete.

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Duration Of The Treatment

A Liposonix treatment is a single, one hour-long treatment.

Results Of The Treatment

The results are visible in as less time as 2-4 weeks only and the average waistline reduction is almost 1 inch or 2.5 cm (equivalent to one standard size of a dress or a pant). The full results are typically seen over next 8-12 weeks as the body keeps processing the treated fat tissues in a natural way and removes them gradually. The overall reduction in the targeted area of the body can be 1.5-2 inches or 4-5 cm. on average. However, the results of Liposonix vary from one individual to another and you must follow the proper diet and a consistent workout regimen to experience the best outcomes.

Longevity Of The Results

The procedure removes the fat tissues from the troubled regions and lets the body process them naturally. Hence, the results are permanent and last for quite a long time.

Cost Of The Treatment

A single one-hour Liposonix treatment focusing on four different parts of the body can cost around $2,500.

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Why Is Liposonix Unique?

Liposonix has a completely unique approach to body sculpting, which binds ‘sound science’, ‘custom contouring’, and ‘reliable results’ together. Three most important factors that make this procedure different from others are given below:

1. Non-Surgical And Non-Invasive 

Be it Liposuction or other minimally invasive fat reduction procedures, they all are surgical. Needless to say, they all come with certain surgical risks, adverse effects,  and considerable recovery downtime. But Liposonix does not involve surgery, which means you can steer clear of needles, incisions, and stitches. Moreover, you can also resume your normal activities right after the treatment as there is minimal to no downtime.

2. Advanced HIFU Technology

There are other non-invasive fat reduction techniques (lasers, radiofrequency, etc.) in which most of the energy applied is either absorbed or scattered across the surface of the skin. This leads only to the temporary reduction of fat as the energy fails to penetrate enough into the subcutaneous fat tissue. But Liposonix makes use of high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) energy, which offers two significant benefits. Firstly, the ultrasound energy reaches the targeted fat tissue by penetrating through the skin surface easily and destroys them without affecting the skin itself. Secondly, the ‘high-intensity’ and ‘focused’ energy delivers reliable results in just a single one-hour treatment.

3. Custom Contouring

When it comes to reducing body fat, the individual requirements are always unique. While all other non-invasive fat reduction technologies have limited abilities to address certain problem areas or need multiple sessions of several hours to treat fat efficiently, Liposonix offers a fully tailored treatment. It is a versatile technique that has precise control over the region and method of application of energy, which helps in targeting the unwanted fat tissues perfectly, thereby eliminating them in just one treatment.

Who Are The Right Candidates? 

Quite naturally, Liposonix is not the right procedure for just everyone. You must be close to your ideal shape and size but have stubborn fat that is resistant to diet and exercise. An ideal Liposonix candidate is determined based on a number of factors, which include the following:

  • A BMI (Body Mass Index) less than 30
  • The amount of fat in the troubled area
  • The overall health of the person

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Is Liposonix Safe?

Liposonix is a completely safe procedure that works only on the targeted cells and leaves the adjacent cells unaffected. However, you must not opt for it if you are trying to conceive, pregnant, or lactating. Also, stay away from the procedure if you have hernia or bleeding disorder. It is also advised that you consult the doctor if you are taking any medication or having an implanted electrical device.

Possible Side Effects

You may experience mild side effects during and after the treatment, which are usually mild and go away in a few hours or a few days. These include:

  • During Treatment: Pain, discomfort, cold or warmth, prickling or tingling sensation,
  • After Treatment: Pain, discomfort, redness, tenderness, swelling, bruising,

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