Dry Brushing For Losing Weight – What You Need To Know About It

Brushing teeth is a necessary task for all of us, but brushing your skin? Have you heard of it? Well, it has also become pretty common these days. Visit your nearby spa and you’ll most probably find ‘dry brushing’ as one of their offerings. In fact, the practice of dry skin brushing has become quite a rage now and women are trying it mainly with the hope of reducing weight. Before we dig into how to dry brush your skin, how it works and what it offers, let’s talk about what dry skin brushing actually is.

Dry Brushing For Losing Weight – What You Need To Know About It

What is Dry Skin Brushing?

Dry skin brushing is one of the easiest and simplest ways to pamper your skin and improve its health. It is also considered as an indirect yet effective method to enhance our overall health and well-being. As the name suggests, it involves scrubbing down the dry skin of the entire body with the help of a rough brush. Although it might sound a bit awkward, it is believed to help us by exfoliating, detoxifying, reducing cellulite and shedding additional pounds to some extent.

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How To Dry Brush Your Skin?

It is said that if practiced regularly in the correct way for consecutive three months, dry brushing can aid in weight loss. If you learn the technique followed in most of the spas, you can simply do it yourself. So, here is the method for dry skin brushing for you:

  1. At first, get the right brush from any of your local health food stores so that the process works beautifully on your skin. A brush with firm natural bristles (derived from vegetables or cactus) and a long handle will be the best for putting just the right amount of pressure on the skin and reaching the toughest areas at the back.
  2. Next is the choice of time. As it is ‘dry brushing’, you can’t do it in the shower or use a wet brush in anyway. So, do it any time of the day, when your skin is completely dry, as per your preference. However being a process of stimulating and energizing the entire body, it is recommended to be done in the morning right before having the shower. Also, practice it every single day for the best possible results.
  3. Now as you are ready to take up the challenge, start dry brushing your skin. The trick is to begin at the soles of your feet and brush all the way up the legs (always opt for one at a time), butt and waist. It will support the pathway of the lymphatic system of your body the most positive way. You can either use long uniform sweeping strokes or move the brush in brisk circular motions.
  4. Then, slowly move up your torso and abdomen brushing towards the heart in a circular (counter-clockwise) motion. Move the brush the same way across your chest area.
  5. After that, reach your fingers and work up your arms towards your armpits. Brush your shoulders and neck slowly but steadily towards the collar bones.
  6. Finally, take a shower with fresh cold water. Pat dry your skin and massage it nicely with olive oil or almond oil or coconut oil.

Dry Brushing For Losing Weight – What You Need To Know About It

A Few Tips To Remember:

  • Be careful while brushing the sensitive areas of your body, where the skin is comparatively thinner than other areas. Similarly, put more pressure, where the skin is respectively thicker.
  • Do not brush sensitive areas i.e. broken skin, cuts, rashes, bruises, and so forth.

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How Does Dry Brushing Work?

Well, our skin is the largest detoxifying organ in our body and dry brushing helps it in doing its job in a far better way, which eventually facilitates cellulite reduction and promotes weight loss. It works just like a body massage in which light pressure is put against the skin in a particular direction. This makes it easier for the lymph fluid to flow through the lymph nodes so that all the wastes can be removed properly from the body. Following are the biggest benefits of dry brushing your skin:

Dry Brushing For Losing Weight – What You Need To Know About It

  • Helps skin look soft and healthier by exfoliating dead cells
  • Helps skin breathe easily by unplugging clogged pores
  • Gives skin a fresh, smooth, alive, and polished look by rejuvenating it thoroughly
  • Gives all detoxifying organs and systems in the body a boost
  • Stimulates the vital glands like sweat glands and sebaceous glands
  • Sloughs off dead skin to accelerate cell regeneration and anti-aging effects for creating a younger appearance
  • Speeds up the elimination of ‘stagnant toxins’ from the body, which prevents premature breakdown of connective tissues
  • Aids in digestion through toxin removal
  • Improves overall circulation by stimulating blood flow and delivering oxygenated blood throughout the body
  • A natural and safe way to give your weight loss efforts a significant boost

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In short, even if you are not sure to take the challenge for losing weight, you can do it for enjoying all other benefits. So, are you ready for dry brushing your skin?

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