Lip Pigmentation Causes and Home Remedies

Pigmentation is appearance of dark spots or lines. Lip pigmentation is darkening or lightening of lips or appearance of spots or two tone lip colors also known as lip discoloration. If you are also troubled by any of the above you are trying to combat what beauty industry calls lip pigmentation. You may have imbibed this genetically if you face this from birth or it could be an issue you are facing of lately due to stress, unhealthy habits, oxygen supply deficiency or any of the below mentioned causes for your lip pigmentation.

Lip Pigmentation

Causes of Lip Pigmentation

1. Unhealthy Lifestyle Habits

Stress: All causes of ageing, even on lips finds its roots in stress. When stressed, one can easily forget their beauty discipline, moreover take to habits like smoking, drinking, not getting enough sleep, resonating to fried, unhealthy food for the body.

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2. Excess Caffeine

Coffee and Tea can cause your lips to darken. Do not drink any of them excessively.

3. Dehydration

Make sure you are consuming enough water. Dehydration can have many side effects, one of them being lip discoloration. Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water a day. If you exert a lot, tend to be on the move, make sure you consume even more water. Based on your level of activity and lifestyle, keep your water consumption accordingly.

4. Dermatitis

Cosmetics, too have an expiry date. If your lip cosmetics, are old or they tend to emit signs of damage, such as smell or feel, discard them right away. In fact, cosmetics too have a life line. Do not use them post that. They can be really harmful for your lips and can cause Lip discoloration or pigmentation also known as contact dermatitis. Contact Dermatitis is more often caused in women, it is caused due to cosmetics that are cheap or not of adequate quality.


5. Lentigo

Opt for Lip balms that give you protection from UV Rays. Sun exposure can discolor your lips also known as a skin disorder called solar lentigines popularly called lentigo.

6. Anemia

We all know anemia is the deficiency in the quantity of oxygen supplied in the blood. Lip discoloration is often associated with the iron deficient anemia. Due to constraint of hemoglobin in the blood and purification and supply of blood to the different tissues and parts of the body, including lips, pigmentation takes place.

7. Cyanosis

When the level of the oxygenated hemoglobin in the blood increases, you are prone to a disorder called cyanosis. When the discoloration of the lips goes from blue to purple, you may be diagnosed by central cyanosis which is commonly found in the lip, tongue and eye area. This is caused due to respiratory or cardiovascular disorders, which is different from individual to individual.

Home Remedies for Lip Pigmentation

1. Yoghurt

Beauty benefits of Curd/ Yoghurt

Yoghurt contains acid that work wonders naturally on dark spots and pigmentation. Apply yoghurt using your index finger and massage your lips every day.

2. Almond Oil and Lemon

Take a clean bowl, add some almond oil and squeeze lemon in it. Mix it well. Massage this paste on your lips, even everyday is good.

3. Ice Cubes

Ice Cubes work as natural hydrators for your lips. Take a clean thin cloth, put a ice cube in it and massage it over your lips.

4. Beetroot

Beetroot-for-Lip Pigmentation

Slice a beetroot, apply it on your lips, like you would apply petroleum jelly. Leave it overnight for nutrient absorption.

5. Exfoliate

Take a toothbrush and apply petroleum jelly instead of tooth paste on it. Gently scrub your lips with the toothbrush. This help you get rid of dry and chapped lips and also lip discoloration if any. Do this at least once a week, to exfoliate any dirt, impurities you may have accumulated over the week.

While we have listed the common causes of lip pigmentation what is the cause that is particularly relevant to you can be best advised by your doctor. Also, opt for any one home remedy at a time, doing all together will not result in fast result but an excess may just cause more harm. Test all the home remedies and the one that suits you best, stick to it. Natural route to combat lip pigmentation is any day better than medications or chemically infused products.

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