The Best Way to Treat Sunburned Lips

We all remember to religiously apply sunscreen on exposed skin before we step out of the house, but somehow forget all about the lips. It is only after you return from an outing in the sun that you realize that you lips are dry, chapped, have turned red and have blisters, so much that, it sometimes becomes difficult to open your lips without cringing in pain. So never forget to slap on a lip balm with SPF whenever you are going out. And for the damage that is already done, worry not. We tell you how to treat sunburned lips here.

How to Treat Sunburned Lips 

1. Green Tea 

Green Tea

Brew some green tea and let it cool. Refrigerate it for about half an hour. Now take a clean cloth or a cotton ball and soak it in the chilled green tea. Apply it on the lips for a while as a pack. It refreshes the lips and reduces the inflammation from the burn.

2. Hydrate 

Your body would have lost a lot of fluids when you were out in the sun. Replenish it by drinking lots of fluids – water, fresh juices, green tea to keep your body hydrated. This will automatically reflect on your skin and lips as they become soft and supple when your hydration levels are optimum.

3. Aloe Vera 

Aloe vera gels are soothing, cooling and anti-inflammatory. They help in bringing down the redness and blisters in the skin. Apply some aloe vera gel as soon as you are back from the sun to prevent any adverse reaction to the sun.

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4. Ice Magic 

Take an ice cube and cover it with a piece of clean cloth. Use it as a cold compress over sunburned lips. The compress will help soothe the lips and will reduce the irritation. However, if you have blisters, then it is best to avoid the compress to prevent stinging pain.

5. Prevent Infection 

Bacitracin ointment

If you have big blisters, then apply an antibiotic ointment with zinc like bacitracin on the lips. This will prevent any infection and also help in healing the blisters faster.

6. Do not use petroleum jelly 

It is a natural reaction of many to apply some petroleum jelly on inflamed lips, cause hey, that’s what you use on lips. But petroleum jelly traps heat and can aggravate the inflammation. So stay away from it and use a cooling gel or shea butter instead.

7. Cold Milk

Cold milk is good at healing any inflammation- be it in your stomach or on your skin. Simply wet a compress with cold milk and apply it on your lips until it dries out. It will not just soothe your burnt lips but will also add a lot of moisture to it.

8. Vitamin E Oil

Vitamin E helps in healing chapped lips faster. You can either ingest the oil internally in the form of a capsule or break open the capsule and apply the oil on the lips. Leave it on the lips for half an hour and then wash it off gently with some water. This will nourish the damaged lips and also help it become softer and fuller. 

9. Potato Juice 

Beauty benefits of Potatoes

The starch in the potato juice helps in healing blisters and cracks in the lips caused due to dryness and sun damage. Grate half a potato and place the gratings on the lips and allow it to dry. The juices from the gratings will heal the lips and make them supple again.

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10. Never forget your SPF Lip balm again 

Consider the sunburn a lesson learnt and always keep a lip balm with SPF in your bag all the time. It will help if you use one with citrus extracts since the vitamin C in them will help heal your lips faster.

With these remedies, the sunburn should heal in a couple of days and your lips should return to their normal state. If the blisters are severe and do not reduce despite these home remedies, then it is best to visit your doctor and get some medical attention.

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