How To Get Rid of Ugly White Spots on Lips?

Having a pair of soft and smooth lips is the dream of every girl. But what if that sexy pink pout develops ugly white spots? Well, white spots on lips are mostly known to be certain benign spots called ‘Fordyce spots’. These are resulted from the irregular secretion of our sebaceous glands and are totally harmless in nature. However, these spots may make you feel embarrassed and reduce your self-confident at any social gatherings. So, let us talk about how to get rid of them:

How To Get Rid of Ugly White Spots on Lips?

Natural Remedies for White Spots on Lips

If you want to treat those white spots on your lips naturally, opt for any of the following home remedies:

1. Eat More Garlic

Garlic is loaded with medicinal properties and it can reduce the amount of micro-organisms (mostly bacteria) in our bloodstream considerably. It also helps us in maintaining our oral hygiene. So, including more garlic in your regular food will keep your blood as well as oral cavity clean enough, thereby fading away those ugly white spots on the lips eventually.

2. Use Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)

Being acidic in nature, apple cider vinegar or ACV can help you amazingly in treating white spots on the lips. You just need to cover both of your lips with a thick layer of ACV and wash it off after 4 to 5 minutes with lukewarm water. However, this treatment should not be done more than twice a week due to the highly strong nature of ACV.

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3. Apply Diluted Juices of Citric Fruits

Just like apple cider vinegar, the juices or extracts of various citric fruits like orange, lemon, lime, etc. can also be used for getting rid of white spots on lips. You have to prepare aqueous solutions of them by mixing water and apply the concoctions onto your lips with the help of a cotton ball. The acidic properties of the mixtures will give visible results within a few days.

Olive Oil for White Spots in Lips

4. Slather On Olive Oil

Olive oil can be a good choice to fight off white spots on the lips efficiently and keep them super hydrated at the same time. Cleanse your lips by using a good yet mild antibacterial soap and slather a generous quantity of olive oil on it. Doing it twice every day will reduce the spots dramatically in a few months.

5. Try Combination Oil Treatment

It has been found that a combination of certain essential oils can work wonder for white spots on lips. Take 1 teaspoon of pure olive oil and add 2 to 3 drops of tea tree oil, bezoin oil, galbanum oil, frankincense oil, cabreuva oil and palamarosa oil respectively to it. Massage your lips with this oil blend for a fw minuts, let them dry and finally, wash off with lukewarm water.

6. Use Jojoba and Argan Oil Blend

Studies have proved that both jojoba oil and argan oil contains huge amounts of tocopherol, which is highly effective in treating white spots on lips. You can take these oils in equal quantity and mix them well. Then, apply the oil blend evenly onto your lips and rinse off after 5 minutes.

How To Get Rid of Ugly White Spots on Lips?

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Other Ways to Get Rid of White Spots on Lips

There are some other things that should also be taken into account, while using home remedies to treat white spots on lips:

  • Exfoliate your lips regularly in a gentle manner by using a soft-bristled toothbrush and follow it by the application of a moisturizing lip balm.
  • Stay away from hydrating your lips by licking with the tongue.
  • Increase your consumption of folic acid-rich foods significantly.
  • Steer clear of all those chemically loaded lip products for some time.
  • Apply frozen liquid nitrogen to your lips.
  • Opt for laser treatments.

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