How to Get Long and Black Hair with Yoga Exercises

Who doesn’t want long, black and lustrous hair? Undoubtedly everyone. But what if you are deprived of it naturally? Well, you can still achieve it. Yes, practicing yoga (asanas and pranayamas) regularly in the right manner can help you immensely in combating hair issues. So, if you are not blessed with it, go through rest of the article:

Asanas to Try for Long Black Hair:

1. Vajrasana / Diamond Pose


It is the simplest way to boost the circulation of oxygen and nutrient-rich blood throughout the scalp, thereby enhancing the health and accelerating the growth of each hair strand. It also prevents all sorts of scalp infection by improving our digestion as well as immunity.

2. Bhujangasana / Cobra Pose


Like vajrasana, this yoga exercise also makes the functionalities of our digestive system better, which helps in providing proper nourishment to the scalp. Bhujangasana also perks up the activities of our heart and lungs. It increases blood flow in our scalp and gives us beautiful tresses eventually.

3. Sasangasana / Rabbit Pose

Sasangasana / Rabbit Pose

Regular practice of sasangasana is known to augment the blood circulation to our scalp to a great extent. As it gives us a healthy scalp, we can easily obtain long, strong and lustrous hair with natural black shine.

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4. Ustrasana / Camel Pose

Ustrasana / Camel Pose

If you are suffering from frequent hair fall, this yoga pose will be absolutely perfect for you. It nourishes each and every hair strand and makes them strong from inside. Therefore, you get rid of the hair breakage or hair loss issues completely. Rather, your locks become long and gorgeous.

5. Matsyasana / Fish Pose

Matsyasana / Fish Pose

Here is another yoga pose that helps in resisting hair fall as well as speeding up the growth of new hair. If you practice this pose regularly, you will easily be able to maintain the natural black color of your tresses for long.

6. Trikonasana / Triangle Pose

Trikonasana / Triangle Pose

When it comes to keeping our scalp healthy through yoga, trikonasana is considered as one of the most important poses. It not only expedites the process of hair growth, but also makes the hair strands smoother and glossier.

7. Halasana / Plough Pose

Halasana / Plough Pose

This yoga pose works on our gastrointestinal system and adds to its functions. As we experience better digestion, many problems related to our hair are solved automatically. So, practicing this exercise can really make your dream of getting long and black hair true.

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8. Pawanmuktasana / Wind Releasing Pose

Pawanmuktasana / Wind Releasing Pose

If digestion problem and constipation are the root of your hair problems, pawanmuktasana will be the solution. It will regularize your bowel movements, thereby improving the health of your scalp as well as hair.

9. Sarvangasana / Shoulder Stand Pose

Sarvangasana / Shoulder Stand Pose

It helps in upkeeping the health of our hair by providing nourishment to their roots. It not only stopos hair fall, but also accelerates the regrowth.

10. Hastapadasana / Standing Forward Bend Pose

Hastapadasana / Standing Forward Bend Pose

It protects our scalp from infections by strengthening our immune system, thereby increasing the length of our hair and enhancing the richness of its color.

11. Sirsasana / Head Stand Pose

Sirsasana / Head Stand Pose

Like all other asanas, it also helps in boosting the flow of nutrients and blood to our hair roots, thereby increasing hair growth significantly.

Pranayama to Try for Long Black Hair:

Pranayama to Try for Long Black Hair

Pranayamas can also make you stress-free and boost the oxygen-rich blood supply to your scalp. These are nothing but intense breathing exercises and the most helpful ones among them are:

  • Bhastrika Pranayama / Deep Breathing
  • Bhramari Pranayama / Bee Breathing
  • Anulom Vilom Pranayama / Alternate Nostril Breathing
  • Kapalbhati / Shining Forehead Breathing

So, start from today and get ready to be appreciated by your friends, family and relatives for your long, black and beautiful hair.

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