Grow Taller Naturally! 10 Best Yoga Poses For Increasing Height

A tall and slim figure is what all women want to have but very few are blessed with. While a slim-trim body is still achievable with so many weight loss methods available around, it is not that easy to increase our height after a certain age. No matter how appealing a long and lean body looks, human height is mostly controlled by genetics, nutrition, exercises, and age. However, it is still possible to increase your height even after the puberty by practicing certain yoga asanas regularly. Following are 10 best yoga poses for increasing height:

1. ‘Sun Salutation’ or ‘Surya Namaskara’

This yoga pose has been practiced since ancient times for a number of reasons and increasing height is one of the most common one among them. This is basically a series of 12 different ‘asanas’ or postures, which need to be performed at least twice a day – at the sunrise and in the evening – in the following sequence:

Pranamasana – Hastauttanasana – Padahastasana – Ashwa Sanchalanasana – Parvatasana – Ashtanga Namaskar – Bhujangasana – Parvatasana – Ashwa Sanchalanasana – Padahastasana – Hastauttanasana – Pranamasana

Other Benefits: Increased flexibility, improved posture, less stress, more physical and mental strength, weight loss; stronger digestive, circulatory, respiratory, and nervous systems.

Sun Salutation’ or ‘Surya Namaskara

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2. ‘Hand To Foot Pose’ Or ‘Hastapadasana’

If the upper part of your body is shorter than the lower part, you need to practice this standing forward bend regularly. It is known to work on each and every section of our body – starting from the head up to the toe. Hence, you become able to gain more height and look better.

Other Benefits: belly fat reduction, more flexibility, better posture, improved blood flow in the brain, smooth menstruation, hair loss cure, constipation cure, and stimulated nervous system.

Hand to Foot Pose or Hastapadasana

3. ‘Easy Pose’ Or ‘Sukhasana’

The Easy Pose, also called ‘Pleasant Pose’ or ‘Decent Pose’, is the basic posture of yoga from which all other postures are developed. By practicing this asana regularly, you can take a control over your breathing. It also helps in toning up the lower back as well as the hip region, which eventually boosts your height by decompressing the cartilage.

Other Benefits: reduced anxiety, less stress, flexible knees, opened ankles, unlocked hips, lengthened spine and back muscles.

Easy Pose or Sukhasana

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4. ‘Wheel Pose’ Or ‘Chakrasana’

This posture is extremely helpful in increasing height, no matter what your age is. It involves bending over in a backward direction like a ‘chakra’ or ‘wheel’. As a result, the elasticity of the spinal cord increases a lot and the body becomes highly flexible. Both of these contribute to the height significantly.

Other Benefits: stronger spine and core, improved digestion, enhanced reproductive functions, cure for thyroid disorders, reduced back pain, stretched chest and lungs, stronger internal organs.

Wheel Pose or Chakrasana

5. ‘Mountain Pose’ Or ‘Talasana’

This is one of the easiest yoga postures that you can practice since the early days for increasing your height. It has been found that this asana can make the spinal cord and limbs (arms and legs) stronger. It also helps in making the whole body agile, which is really beneficial for gaining height.

Other Benefits: better posture, sciatica cure, steady breathing, more strength, greater mobility, firmer core, enhanced awareness, and stronger thighs, knees, and ankles.

Mountain Pose or Talasana

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6. ‘Tree Pose’ Or ‘Vriksasana’

When it comes to growing taller with yoga practices, the tree pose is considered as a great option. Usually, this posture focuses on the calf muscles and the leg muscles and plays a key role in toughening them. As these muscles become stronger, your chance of gaining height also goes up.

Other Benefits: enhanced concentration power, stronger back, reduced back pain, improved posture, greater balance, relieved sciatic pain, unlocked hips.

Tree Pose or Vriksasana

7. ‘Triangle Pose’ Or ‘Trikonasana’

As the name suggests, this pose gives our body a triangular shape. It is highly beneficial for shorter people as it increases body height at a rapid pace. According to experts, trikonasana should always be practiced in the morning in an empty stomach and the eyes should be kept open in order to maintain the balance of the body during the practice.

Other Benefits: lowered stress level, enhanced balance, better concentration power, improved kidney functions, increased blood circulation in the body, indigestion cure, more flexibility in the lower body, reduced blood pressure, and stronger hips, back, and limbs.

Triangle Pose or Trikonasana

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8. ‘Revolved Triangle Pose’ Or ‘Parivrtta Trikonasana’

It is just the reverse of the previous pose in which your body gets the shape of an inverted triangle. The asana provides strength to the back as well as the lower back of the body and makes the balancing capacity better. These result in an increased height.

Other Benefits: opened chest, improved breathing, lowered back pain, stimulated abdominal organs, asthma cure, digestive cure, stronger and stretched legs, spine, hips, and hamstring.

parivrtta trikonasana

9. ‘Downward-Facing Dog Pose’ Or ‘Adhomukha Svanasana’

This asana is also known as the simple ‘dog pose’. It not only stretches out the muscles in the body and makes them stronger but also helps in boosting the circulation of blood throughout the body. Therefore, you can expect a considerable change in your height.

Other Benefits: increased energy, calm brain, stress relief, lowered depression, prevention of osteoporosis, relief from the symptoms of menopause, stretched shoulders, hands, calves, and hamstrings; stronger arms and legs.

Downward-Facing Dog Pose or Adhomukha Svanasana

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10. ‘Cat Pose’ Or ‘Bidalasana’

Like the dog pose, you can also carry out the cat pose to get an enviable height. During the practice of this asana, the spinal cord gets completely extended in both forward as well as backward directions. It facilitates the expansion of every single cartilage disc present in the spinal column, which ultimately increases height.

Other Benefits: better posture, greater physical and emotional balance, calm mind, reduced stress, increased coordination, stimulated abdominal organs, stretched back, abdomen, and hips, stronger neck and spine.

Cat Pose or Bidalasana

Do Not Forget These…

Yoga should always be practiced under expert guidance in order to avoid all sorts of physical and/or emotional complications. Here are a few simple tips to keep in mind while planning to practice yoga poses for increasing height:

  • Surya namaskara should never be practiced by pregnant women. You should also avoid this asana while going through your menstrual cycles.
  • If you have hernia problem, make sure that you consult your doctor prior to practicing any asana.
  • People with hypertension and cardiac issues should never practice Surya namaskara and hastapadasana without consulting the physician.
  • Stay away from trikonasana if you are suffering from back pain or spinal injuries.


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