What is a Facelift and how does it work?

A facelift or Rhytidectomy as it is known medically, is a cosmetic surgery that gives you a youthful appearance by removing wrinkles and firming up your skin. A facelift normally works on reshaping the lower 1/3rd of the skin on the face. It is normally combined with other minor surgeries that help correct the forehead, eyelids and cheeks, making you look younger than your years. Let’s see in detail what is a facelift and how it works.

What is a facelift? 

A facelift is a surgery that helps you deal with sagging skin in the middle of the face, creases along your smile line, loose skin under the jaw and jowls in the lower face. The facelift however cannot reverse the aging process. The skin will continue to age even after the surgery. The facelift also won’t change your basic appearance and features.

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Who can get a facelift done? 

Anyone who is a non-smoker, is willing to bear the cost of the surgery and has the right expectations set about the outcome of the surgery can get a facelift done.

How is the facelift surgery done? 

Facelift Surgery

To understand what is a facelift, let us see what is done in the surgery. The surgery begins with the administration of anesthesia. Then an incision is made at the hairline, near the temples. The incision proceeds till the front of the ears. It then goes under the ears, and goes upwards behind it and ends in the hairline in the lower scalp.

The fatty tissue and the skin along this incision are lifted off. The underlying connective tissue and the muscles are tightened with sutures. If you want a fuller face, then the fat may be sculpted and redistributed around the skin. The skin is then pulled back, so that it is tightened over the muscles. Excess skin is trimmed off at the edge of the incision. The skin is then draped properly over the muscles and sealed with sutures or adhesives. The surgery can last from two to five hours depending on the results you wish to achieve.

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What is the downtime? Are there any chances of complications? 

The skin is bandaged after the surgery to minimize any swelling or bleeding. You may need to take oral medication or apply topical treatments too. It will take you one week to be off bandages and medications.

The complications that may occur may include bleeding, bruising, inflammation, scarring, unevenness between the two halves of the face and infections. So if you have made a decision to undergo the surgery, make sure you consult a reputed surgeon.

What are the results of the surgery?

facelift before and after

Facelift surgery patients have almost always found satisfying results, with their skin becoming more taut and their appearance more youthful.

How long does the facelift result last?  

The results of the surgery can last as long as ten years. A healthy lifestyle, avoiding smoking and drinking and regular exercise can help you extend the years for which the effect of the surgery will last.

How much does a facelift cost?

The average cost of a facelift is around $7000. This may vary depending on the facility where you choose to have the facelift, the surgeon’s fee and the extent of modification needed for your face. Just make sure to pick a reputed surgeon and a good facility if you decide to get your facelift done and you can erase away years from your skin.

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