10 Worst Celebrity Hairlines

Celebs are known for their picture perfect appearances. There are rare moments, when their do-ups go wrong. And, whenever it goes wrong, it becomes talk of the town. In this article, we have captured top 10 moments when celebs left spectators talking because of their wacky hairlines…

1. Naomi Campbell – The ‘supermodel’ once ruled the glamour world but there came a moment when her continuously receding hairline forced her to avoid all the glitz and blitz. This was certainly one of the worst moments suffered by a celebrity!

Naomi Campbell

2. Rock – This wrestler cum Hollywood superstar sets the temperature high not only outside his wrestling ring but also in theatres. With perfect physique and great persona, he is loved by females across the world. The only thing that goes wrong with his over-all appearance is his hairline.


3. Prince William – The second in line to throne prince of British Kingship was among the most desired bachelors across the globe before he wed Catherine Middleton and turned into a devoted hubby. Everything was perfect in fairy tale wedding of Kate and William, minus groom’s hairline. He lost most of his hairs before he could turn thirty.

Prince William

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4. Carlos Boozer – The American basketball player is another victim of busted hairlines. The player tried to correct his hairline by spray painting which made the situation worse.

Carlos Boozer

5. John Legend – Well, ordinary people have ordinary hairlines and special people have special hairlines. John Legend’s hairline is in perfect sync with it.

John Legend

6. Wayne Brady – Wayne Brady makes everyone go ROFTL with his amazing comical antics. And, his hairline gives us another opportunity to laugh. His hairline is special and weird at the same time.

Wayne Brady

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7. Michael Jordan – The Finest basketball player ever has never been hesitant in expecting things the way it was. He accepted his baldness just like his NBA titles.

Michael Jordan

8. Flo Rida – Do you know how a perfect receding hairline looks? Check Flo Rida’s look in the image given below. Although, it doesn’t make any of us crave for similar hairline but Flo Rida’s hairline deserves a perfect 10 for its artistic loss.

Flo Rida

9. Lindsay Lohan– The mean girls star normally gets successful in hiding her receding hairline but camera frenzy people once caught her with a hairline that can be termed nothing but ‘bad’.

Lindsay Lohan

10. Britney Spears – Once declared as the ‘queen’ of pop world, Britney Spears has to go through a lot of problems in her tiny age. Along with charges of drugs, divorces, receding hairline was an added anomaly in her life. Her baldness is clearly visible in the given image. However, she has tried to cover it up using a few left hairs but her hairline says it all…

Britney Spears

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