Is Facelift without Surgery really possible?

While we say we want to age gracefully, all of us secretly hope for our youthfulness to be preserved for all long as possible and do our bit with topical applications and home remedies that help us battle signs of aging on the face. Many of us avoid getting a facelift done either due to budget constraints or from the fear of going under the knife and not getting the desired results. With so much advancement in technology, there are now other ways of performing a facelift without surgery. Want to know more? Read on!

Facelift without Sugery – All your Options 

There are a number of options nowadays to get a facelift without surgery. We go over them one by one and give you details about all the procedures here.

Microcurrent Facelift  

Microcurrent Facelift

As we age, our skin becomes less and less active and loses collagen and elastin. The upper cheek elongates and drags the skin down, forming pouches near the jaw and leading to loss of contour. The Microcurrent Facial makes use of probes which work on the 32 different muscles in the face. The muscles are moved to the desired position to tighten and tone the skin. The process is called re-educating the muscles- where they are shortened and trained to maintain a new contour.

It is done in a series of 4-15 (depending on your age and extent of sagging) sittings lasting a few weeks. After this, you will start seeing a tightened and toned skin. You would then need a maintenance sitting once in 4-8 weeks. One sitting costs a few hundred dollars.

Liquid Facelift

This is a preventive method. A mixture of different kinds of liquid injectibles that work as anti-aging treatments are injected into the skin. It may include botox to prevent fine lines and wrinkles, hyaluronic acid to rejuvenate the skin and Juvederm which is used as a filler. If done correctly, a liquid facelift can help in lifting up the skin and plumping it.

This procedure has a lot of positive response. The only concern is that it is not long lasting and the skin needs to be topped with up more injections regularly. The average cost of a session is about $2000.

Pelleve Facelift

Pelleve Facelift

Pelleve is a mild facelifting treatment that boosts the skin’s ability to produce collagen. This automatically fills up your skin and makes it plumper. The procedure makes use of radiofrequency on the skin. It causes heat to be built up between the skin and the fat layer. This makes the existing collagen in the skin to shrink which stimulates the production of new collagen. Automatically, your skin is more tighter and renewed. It costs anywhere between $600 to $2000 to get the treatment done.

Laser Facelift

The Laser facelift uses Intese Pulsed Light that targets skin imperfections like sun danage, acne and scars and also helps the skin produce more collagen, thereby smoothing out wrinkles. It takes about a week after procedure for you to see the results. In this week, you will see your skin turn pink due to the production of new skin cells. It costs anywhere between $250 to $500 for a sitting and you would need 4-6 sittings depending on your age.

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How effective are the Non-Surgical Facelifts? 

Let’s face it, the non-surgical facelifts cannot give you the degree of tightness or the lasting effect of the surgical facelift. But for those not wanting to go under the knife, these are great options to rejuvenate and plump up the face. The procedures need to be topped up with additional sittings regularly to maintain the sculpted look, but other than that, they are cheaper and safer than surgical facelifts.

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