How Effective is Face Tape for Instant Face Lift?

Women choose a variety of ways to get a face lift – be it botox or facelift surgery or non-surgical facelifts. A facelift helps smooth out wrinkles in the face and makes your face appear fuller and younger. It helps you get rid of sagging skin and age lines in the process. However, if you do not want to go in for a surgery or get botox injections, but still want an instant facelift for a few hours before an event or a party, then you can use face tape for instant face lift. Face tape is very popular among celebrities who want tighter skin before a photo shoot or an event. The tape stretches the skin and creates an illusion of tighter skin, giving you an instant facelift. Let’s see how it works.

Why Face Tape? 

A Face Tape is easy to use, extremely cheap and gives you instant results. Those who do not want to inject chemicals into the skin and want to stay away from surgical procedures can try this risk free, at-home solution to get skin that looks firmer and younger. The solution has been around for decades, being used as a trick in the movie industry by makeup artists.

How much does a face tape cost? 

Face tapes can be bought from beauty stores for as little as $30. Many companies like Secret Lift, Bring it up and Art Hoardings sell face lift tapes that work on the face, neck and eyes.

How to Use Face Tapes?

When you buy a pack of face tapes, they come with detailed pictorial instructions as to how to use them. The tapes are meant for one time use. Before using a face tape, make sure that your skin is thoroughly cleansed. It is to be applied before you start your makeup or hairstyle. They either come attached to an elastic thread or without one.

Face Tapes

  • If using a face tape with elastics, then stick one end of the tape to the skin on the face, next to your ears. Do this on both sides. Now pull back the elastic thread and tie it securely at the back of the head so that you skin has a pulled up appearance. Style your hair to cover the strings and get an instant youthful appearance.

Face Tapes 

  • If using one without elastic, then apply one end of the tape to the skin near the ears. Now pull back your cheeks to get a taut appearance and stick the other end further up the face. The result is that you have tighter skin.

How effective is face tape for instant face lift? What are its advantages? 

  •  Face tapes reduce fine lines and wrinkles from the face instantly.
  • They are effective for smoothing out lines near the eyes and firming up the jaw, both of which are difficult to achieve with makeup. 
  • It is completely safe and can be done at home whenever you need.
  • It is really cheap when you consider expensive facelift procedures and surgeries and produces remarkable results.
  • There are no chemicals involved, just pure mechanics.

While it has so many advantages, remember that face lift with a face tape is temporary and does not last beyond a few hours. Also, some might find it cumbersome since you need to adjust it under your hairstyle and carefully camouflage the tape under makeup. It can cause some discomfort that you should be ready to bear. Other than that,a face tape is an easy and a cost effective way to cut down the years that show on your face.

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