3 Most Effective Breast Reduction Creams In India

Fuller, larger breasts are the assets of women. But too big breasts can turn out to be a sheer discomfort. While most of the ladies seek ways to increase their cup sizes, there are ladies who have a completely opposite desire too. If you are one of those who want to go one or two sizes lower without going under the knife, breast reduction creams are the answer for you. When massaged into the skin (specifically, the subcutaneous tissue), these creams can soften or sometimes even eliminate excess subcutaneous fat, thereby decreasing the size of the breasts naturally. The method is simple, affordable, and free from side effects or appearance of scar marks. Here is a compilation of 3 most effective breast reduction creams available in India:

1. Hashmi Cute-B Cream

Cute-B by Hashmi Mart is the most popular breast reduction cream (ISO and GMP certified) available in India with a 100% natural herbal formulation (contains Aloe Barbadensis leaf juice, Vitamin A, Retinol, and Ginkgo Biloba extract). It reduces cup sizes and gives relief from heavy breasts naturally by dissolving excess fat cells, balancing estrogen levels, and toning up the breast skin. It will also prevent your breasts from sagging while making them youthful and appealing. Massaging your breasts with this cream every night will give you desired results within as less time as 2 months. Being a natural product, it has no side effects and is absolutely safe to use.

Price: Rs. 2179.00 for 20 ml.

Hashmi Cute-B Cream

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2. Alexaderm Breast Reduction And Contouring Cream

Just like the Hashmi Cute-B Cream, the Alexaderm Brest Reduction And Contouring Cream is also a natural alternative to the surgical procedure. According to the brand, it is a ‘breakthrough in dermal technology’ that can reshape oversized breasts in a safe, secure, and effective way. The 100% herbal formulation is absolutely similar to the Cute-B one, which contains Vitamin A, Retinol, Aloe Barbadensis leaf juice, and Ginkgo Biloba extract. All these ingredients have proven effects on overdeveloped breasts, which include burning additional fat tissues, boosting collagen production, tightening up sagging skin, providing required lift, and improving the overall shape of the organs. As a result, the appearance of your breasts become attractive and you feel confident.

Price: Rs. 2300 for 0.3 ounces

Alexaderm Breast Reduction And Contouring Cream

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3. INLIFE B-Firm Natural Breast Tightening Cream

Here is another natural ayurvedic herbal solution for ladies who feel embarrassed for their huge bust size and seeking the safest solution for it. B-Firm is a GMP certified breast tightening cream by INLIFE Healthcare, which is pH balanced and suits all types of skin easily. The formulation is basically a blend of concentrated herb extracts including Sarja (Indian Copal Tree) (Exud.), Kanyasara (Aloe Vera) (Lf.), Gopichandan, Shatavari (Asparagus Racemosus) (Rt.), Nimba Leaf (Neem) (Lf.), and Rosemary Oil in a cream base and it is completely free of heavy metals. Regular application of this cream can eliminate excess fat from your breasts and sculpt them rightly by maintaining hormonal balance, strengthening and firming ligaments around the busts, rejuvenating the skin (both tone and texture), and averting further sagging. Do try this herbal therapy for contoured breasts.

Price: Rs. 270 for 100 gm.

INLIFE B-Firm Natural Breast Tightening Cream

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Good To Know…

While purchasing a jar or a tube of breast reduction cream is not at all a big deal, you must know how to use it the right way and follow the routine religiously in order to make the most of your efforts. Also, there are a few restrictions regarding the usage of breast reduction creams that should be known by every woman prior to using the products. Let’s have a look at all those important pieces of information that would help you get your desired results easily:

Breast reduction creams are meant for ladies of more than 16 years. Younger girls should steer clear of them.

Do not use these creams if you are pregnant or a breastfeeding mother.

Always take a shower and cleanse your breasts properly before applying such creams. Pat them dry with a soft cotton towel and massage the cream gently. This will speed up the process of absorption, thereby ensuring the best outcomes.

When it comes to using breast reduction creams, massaging is the key. Learn the right technique of massage so that the cream can actually work for you. Use the palm of your left hand for your right breast and vice versa. Follow a circular motion while applying moderate pressure as well as gentle strokes.

Each breast needs to be massaged for at least 15 to 20 minutes. It is even better to go for 30 minutes for each side.

Be consistent with your practice. Though each of the creams comes with its own directions for usage, it is recommended that you follow a regime of ‘twice every day and thrice every week’ for faster results.

Just follow the most suitable cream to reduce your cup size and feel beautiful!

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