How To Lighten Dark Nipples Naturally? 10 DIY Pink Nipple Recipes

Unlike face or any external part of your body, nipples are not in your priority for being taken care of, but having pink and light-colored nipples can really give you a feeling of fresh breast and a better sex life. When you have a beauty regimen for every part of your body then why not nipples? Well, neither you can help the biological changes that happen at every stage nor you can turn back the clock, but there are certain natural and safe remedies that can lighten the color of your nipples. Here are a few to go that can help you have lighter shade of nipples.

Why nipples tends to become dark ?

Before acting upon the remedies to get pink nipples, you need to have knowledge on how nipples change its color with time. There are myriad reasons for nipples to become black or brown out of which menstruation, pregnancy and breast-feeding top the chart. However, the change in shade of nipples can also depend on your genes and hormonal changes in your body. It is said that hormones estrogen and progesterone are the two variables that causes the discoloration in areola and nipples. Besides these, ageing, chronic illness, poor lifestyle too can show up in the form of darker nipples.

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Pigments that determines the color of the nipples

As we all know melanin is the pigment which is responsible for the skin color in human body, the same pigment is responsible for the color of nipples too. Pigment Eumelanin is brown in color which causes dark nipples and Pheomelanin, a reddish pigment leads to light colored nipples.

Are dark nipples a bad sign?

The very first thing to keep in mind is that possessing a darker nipple with time and age is not a disease or illness. Infact it is quite natural and similar to having other transformations in your body which happen with age and time. But since nipples in lighter shade are acknowledged, here are some effective and easily available remedies to achieve that.

1. Almond and milk


Almond and milk are the most natural and easy-to-get ingredients hidden in your kitchen that can lighten your nipples magically. Both the products are an excellent source of moisturizer that will also keep your skin smooth.

Soak a few almonds overnight in a bowl of milk, make a smooth paste of it and apply it onto your nipples. Leave at least for an hour, and then rinse properly. Apply this mixture daily until you get expected results. These natural ingredients will not cause any side effects on your skin.

2. Lime juice and honey

While lime juice contains acidic property that tends to exfoliate the skin of areolas and nipples to look brighter, honey will act as a moisturizer on the skin. Pure honey will give you better results.

Mix the ingredients well and apply it onto your nipples. Wait for half an hour and rinse it with tap water. You may add yogurt for effective results. This will surely work as an elusive remedy for your dense-colored nipples.

3. Milk powder, honey, almond oil and lemon juice

This is an age-old combination where people have been using these to cure all skin related problems. Individually each ingredient is sufficient enough for any kind of skin related complications so the combined usage can surely do wonders.

Method- Mix them all in a form of paste in correct proportion and apply the mixture on the areolas of your nipples. Let it dry for 30 to 40 minutes and rinse well thereafter. The application promises to enhance the color of your nipples.

4. Oatmeal, curd and tomato juice

These ingredients can act as your best-kept beauty secret for all your skin woes. Tomato juice acts as a bleach to lighten the color of the skin. Along with tomato you must add oatmeal and curd for smoothening and softening of the skin.

Take all the three ingredients together and mix them well in a bowl. Apply it over your nipples, leave it for 15 minutes, and then wash it with lukewarm water. Repeat it daily for a speedy result.

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5. Cucumber, avocado, orange, honey and milk –

All of these are traditional beauty products which are always available in your kitchen. Now, use these as your beauty regimen and lighten your dark nipples naturally.

Method- Blend the fruits together and add milk and honey to form a paste. The recipe to your healthy nipples is all set to be applied. Apply this paste daily on your nipples and you will be surely amazed with the result.

6. Mulberry extracts

Mulberry is a powerhouse of minerals and vitamins. It also contains huge amount of carbohydrates that converts sugar to glucose for providing energy and revitalizes our skin cells. If you can’t get your hands on the fruit, mulberry extracts can be easily available in any nearby stores.

You may apply the fruit extract directly on your areolas and let it dry for 5 to 10 minutes. Rinse it properly with normal water. It lightens up your dark nipples and makes it pinker.

7. Vaseline

Vaseline can surely be amazing if you have a sensitive skin. As we all know, Vaseline is a petroleum jelly that can actually do wonders in an effortless way. It provides nourishment to the areolas hence making it look healthy and pink.

Massage your nipples with vaseline and leave it overnight but make sure you rinse it properly as you wake up.  The stickiness and greasiness may give chances to bacteria to breed which eventually may lead to other problems like acne and pimple.

8. Licorice root

Licorice root also known as sweet root is taken in use for its medicinal properties. Licorice is available in myriad forms like liquid extract, tea and even in licorice powder. Licorice is loaded with anti-bacterial properties the reason why dermatologists highly recommend its usage.

Method- Powder is the most easily available form of licorice that is available. Dissolve some in water and leave it over night or at least for 7 to 8 hours. After applying it onto your nipples leave it to dry and then wash away properly. For quicker result, repeat it every alternate days.

9. Arbutin- Arbutin is one of the most efficient skin whitening and lightening agents. It slowly releases hydroquinone through hydrolysis in the skin, which ultimately reduces skin pigmentation. Banned in many countries, arbutin is mainly available in form of plant extracts. You can easily find this ingredient in any of the skin lightening creams or lotions in the market. Just buy it and apply on for amazing results.

10. Orange juice


Vitamin C in orange is the key ingredient which is responsible for the reduction of skin pigmentation that causes darkening of nipples.

Method- You may apply orange juice directly on the areolas of the nipple and leave it for the skin to absorb the juice. Later clean the areolas and nipples well.

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Now that you know the amazing benefits these kitchen ingredients can have on your skin, there’s no excuse to have dark and unhealthy looking nipples. Gear up for your DIY beauty session to lighten up your dark areolas.

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