10 Amazing Turmeric Face Packs for Different Types of Skin

We all know about the beauty benefits of turmeric. Don’t we? Well, today, let us talk about some excellent face packs that can be made with turmeric and used for different types of skin. We have listed down 10 of them intended for dry, oily and sensitive skins respectively:

Turmeric Face Packs

A) For Dry Skin

1. Turmeric, Milk Cream and Rose Water Pack

Mix 1 teaspoon of fresh rose water with 2 teaspoons of thick milk cream. Add a half teaspoon of turmeric powder to it and blend well. Apply the paste all over your face and wait for a couple of hours. Once it gets dried, wash off with plain water.

2. Turmeric, Milk Cream, Gran Flour and Sandalwood Powder Pack

Prepare a thick smooth paste by mixing half teaspoon of turmeric powder with 2 teaspoons of milk cream, 2 teaspoons of sandalwood powder and 3 teaspoons of gram flour. Spread it onto your face uniformly. After 15-20 minutes, rinse with lukewarm water.

3. Turmeric, Egg White, Almond Oil, Lemon Juice and Rose Water Pack

Beat the white section of an egg and mix 1 teaspoon of rose water, half teaspoon of almond oil, 1 teaspoon of fresh lemon juice and a pinch of turmeric powder with it. Blend well and apply on your face. It will become dry within half an hour. So, wash off with lukewarm water.

B) For Oily Skin

4. Turmeric, Gram Flour and Yogurt Pack

Combine 2 teaspoons of gram flour with 1 teaspoon of yogurt and half teaspoon of turmeric powder. After getting a paste of medium consistency, spread it on your whole face. Wash thoroughly with fresh cold water after 25 to 30 minutes.

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5. Turmeric, Fuller’s Earth, Yogurt and Rose Water Pack

You can prepare this pack by adding 3 teaspoons of yogurt, 1 teaspoon of rose water and half teaspoon of turmeric powder to 2 teaspoons of Fuller’s Earth. Mix all ingredients properly so that no lump exists in it. Let it stay on your face for 20 minutes or more. Then, rinse off.

Turmeric, Fuller’s Earth, Yogurt and Rose Water Pack

6. Turmeric, Sandalwood Powder and Orange Juice Pack

Juice up a small orange. Add a pinch of turmeric powder and 2teaspoons of sandalwood powder to it. Form a smooth thick paste. Coat your face with it and wait for next 15 minutes. Then, rinse with cold water.

7. Turmeric, Sandalwood Powder, Milk and Lemon Juice Pack

Here is another face pack that can be made by mixing 2 teaspoons of sandalwood powder, 2 teaspoons of milk, a little turmeric powder and 5 to 6 drops of fresh lemon juice. Make sure that you wash this pack off with lukewarm water after 15 minutes of the application.

C) For Sensitive Skin

8. Turmeric, Fuller’s Earth, Aloe Vera Gel and Yogurt Pack

Mix 2 teaspoons of Fuller’s Earth with 1 teaspoon of fresh aloe gel and 1 teaspoon of yogurt. Add a pinch of turmeric powder to this mixture and blend well. After 20 minutes or so, wash it off.

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9. Turmeric, Honey, Milk and Mint Pack

You can make this pack easily by combining 2 teaspoons of fresh milk, 1 teaspoon of raw organic honey, 1 teaspoon of wet and mashes mint leaves and half teaspoon of turmeric powder. Regular application of this for 20 minutes can benefit your skin a lot.

10. Turmeric and Jojoba Oil Pack

Prepare a runny mixture by adding a little turmeric powder to 4 teaspoons of jojoba oil. Massage your face with it and leave for half an hour. At last, rinse with fresh cold water.

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