Beans – Are They A Boon Or Bane For Weight Loss?

Are you dying to lose weight? Following a so-called proven weight loss diet religiously? Let me tell you that if your diet doesn’t contain beans, you’re not going to lose your fat quickly and effectively. Beans are one of the most underrated superfoods that can attack unwanted body fat and blast them like magic! Intrigued about how these little nutritious gems can kill your stubborn fat and speed up your weight loss journey? Here we go:

Beans – Are They A Boon Or Bane For Weight Loss?

Variety Of Beans

Beans are highly versatile and one of the most inexpensive choices for weight loss. Before digging into the fact that how they help us get rid of excess body weight, let’s know about their varieties. There are kidney beans, pinto beans, garbanzo beans, navy beans, lima beans, black beans, and so forth, which one can include in his / her weight loss diet. The nutrient contents of these beans vary slightly from one another when consumed fresh. However, baked, canned or processed beans might come with additional salt, sugar and fats.

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How Do Beans Help In Weight Loss?

A study conducted by the scientists of Indiana’s Purdue University and Washington State’s Bastyr University revealed that a diet rich in beans can quadruple weight loss in 6 weeks. Here is how beans help in losing weight:

  1. Beans are a great source of soluble dietary fibers with no extra calories. Intake of fiber is essential for preventing constipation and keeping things moving through our gastrointestinal system. Once the bowel movement becomes smooth, digestion becomes easier too. It helps in absorption of vital nutrients while giving a feeling of ‘fullness’ by satiating hunger. In other words, eating beans limits too much calorie consumption caused by overeating and eventually promotes weight loss.
  2. From multiple researches, it has been confirmed that beans can trap additional dietary fats and eliminate those gradually from our body. The soluble fibers present in beans soak up water inside the gastrointestinal tract and create a gel-like substance which, in turn, slows down our rate of digestion to help us shed off excess pounds.
  3. Beans come packed with proteins. The best thing about bean protein is that it averts the blood sugar level from rising up and keeps us high on energy. When your blood sugar level remains stable, you become able to control your cravings for sweets and processed snacks easily. It is quite healthy to soak up bean protein during breakfast and lunch as it will keep you away from those high-calorie nutrition-less edibles that contribute to weight to a great extent.
  4. There are very few foods that can promote calorie expenditure and fat burning naturally and beans are one of them. As per a study conducted by the scientists of the University of Manitoba and published in Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism, beans are rich in certain amino acids like arginine, glutamine, etc., which are known to increase our post-meal calorie burning significantly.
  5. While beans hold us back from consuming excess calorie or boost our calorie expenditure, they themselves are very low in calories. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference, a cup of beans contains only 44 calories in average. A true weight loss food it is, don’t you think so?

Weight Loss

Recommended Intake For Weight Loss

When it comes to consuming beans for weight loss purpose, the recommended portions depend solely upon the calorie needs of individuals. No matter whatever you eat or drink, it is your overall intake of calories that will determine the amount of weight you are going to lose or gain. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggests people to reduce their daily intake of calories by 500 to 1000 in order to shed off a couple of pounds every week. It has also been confirmed by the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute that the weight loss diet of an adult should not include more than 1600 calories per  based on his / her size and level of activity.

Beans – Are They A Boon Or Bane For Weight Loss?

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How To Eat Beans For Weight Loss

There is no specific way to eat beans for getting rid of extra body weight. Add them to your diet just the way you want. You can eat fresh beans or go for the dried ones. In case of the latter varieties, soak them in water for the whole night and then bring to a boil so that they become tender enough. Toss beans into salad or add them to soups or stews to increase the health quotient of the foods. Make a smooth paste of boiled beans and use it as a dip or spread. Sprinkle a handful of beans over your rice dishes to make them healthier. Being high in nutrition and low in calories, beans are also considered as a smart snacking option for people with added body weight.

Don’t wait anymore. Make beans a part of your weight loss diet today and get ready to experience the amazing results tomorrow!

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