Knowing These 9 Facts About Breast Augmentation Will Help You Get Your ‘Boob Job’ Done Right

When it comes to enhancing the breasts, many women do not mind even going under the knife. With more and more ladies opting for cosmetic surgery for achieving bigger busts, the popularity of breast augmentation is growing day by day. This surgical procedure not only claims to enlarge breasts beautifully but also gives a serious boost to the confidence of self-conscious women. But wait! This is not enough to take the plunge and get your boob job done. From your mental preparation to the placement of implant – everything influences the surgery hugely and it is essential for you to be aware of all these beforehand. Here are 9 vital facts about breast augmentation that you must understand as well as keep in mind in order to take a wise decision:

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9 Vital Facts About Breast Augmentation

1. Even Though ‘Cosmetic’, It Is A ‘SURGERY’

If you are considering breast augmentation, you need to understand that it is basically a ‘surgical procedure’. Even though it is mostly performed for aesthetic purposes, the process of breast augmentation is as serious as any other surgery and hence, comes with its own sets of pros and cons. Moreover, the final results are never obvious as it is not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ technique. The surgery is customized based on the unique needs and goals of individuals. So, take a well-informed decision, be practical, and prepare yourself mentally for the challenge. Your surgeon will guide you through all upsides and downsides while you have to stay responsible for the choice you will make.

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2. This Is NOT An ‘Instant Enhancement Trick’

Most of the women think of getting the breast augmentation done at the last moment, maybe just before their wedding or some other big occasion, thinking that they can just pop out of the hospital in a day with big boobs! But sorry girls, that’s not how it works! It takes over 6 weeks to heal completely from the surgery. Also, the breasts will be resting high up on the chest thus giving an odd look as the muscles react to the trauma during the surgery. However, they will eventually drop down to the normal position in 6 months based on the natural recovery response of individual’s body. In other words, there is no way you can show off yourself immediately after breast augmentation.

3. There Are Potential Risks And Complications

Like any other cosmetic surgery, breast augmentation also comes with its share of complications and risks. There are chances of things going wrong during the surgery or the post-surgery recovery period, which may lead to short-term as well as long-term issues. Some of the most common risks and complications include infections, chronic breast pain, numbness (in both breasts and nipples), capsular contracture, implant breakage and leakage, breast hardening, skin death (necrosis), dissatisfaction with the results, need for reconstruction, and so on. Make sure that you cooperate with your surgeon completely both before and after the surgery to enjoy the best possible outcomes.

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4. The Locations Of The Incisions Are Crucial

You get a choice of four locations for creating incisions, which are ‘Periareolar Incision’ (around the areola or nipple), ‘Trans-axillary Incision’ (under the armpit), ‘Inframammary Incision’ (in the fold line under the breast), and ‘Trans-Umbilical Incision’ or TUBA (around or through the belly button). Periareolar and inframammary incisions allow the easy and convenient creation of pockets and hence, are known to be the best ones. Utmost care should be taken while choosing the trans-axillary incision and it is always better to stay away from the trans-umbilical one. Discuss with your surgeon and he/she will recommend the best incision location for you.

5. The Size Of Breast Implants Can Vary Widely

Breast implants are available in a number of sizes in order to ensure completely customized augmentation results for each woman. They are typically measured in ‘cubic centimeters’ (ccs) and can range between 120 ccs. and 850 ccs. However, you cannot go from small to huge in just one procedure. Rather, set realistic goals and discuss it with your surgeon beforehand so that your body does not need to adjust to drastic changes all at once.  

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6. The Placement Of Breast implants Matter A Lot

You need to develop proper knowledge about the placement of breast implants as there are two different ways to do it. Firstly, they can be placed above the pectoralis muscle but below the breast tissue i.e. ‘Subglandular Placement’, which is best for decent-sized breasts having enough tissue to cover the implant and prevent sagging. Secondly, they can be placed under the pectoralis muscle i.e. ‘Submuscular Placement’, which is good for women with smaller breasts. The proper placement should only be determined by the surgeon upon discussion with you.

7. The Safety Of Fillers Should Be Considered

Apparently, silicone is a safe material for implants and the FDA has even approved certain manufacturers. But the long-term safety studies about implants filled with other materials (soybean oil, plastic gel, etc.) should always be taken into account. It is important to get an MRI every 2 years to ensure that the implants are not ruptured.

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8. ‘Breastfeeding’ Will Never Be The Same Again

After breast augmentation, one can breastfeed if the incision is done in the crease of the breast or the implant is placed under the pectoralis muscle. But the ability of breastfeeding will not be the same anymore. As per a report published by the Institute of Medicine (IOM), you can experience at least 3 times more insufficiency in the supply of breastmilk after undergoing an augmentation surgery. It has also been reported that the levels of toxicity increases in the blood of babies when they consume the milk of a woman with silicone gel breast implants.

9. Breast Augmentation Is Not A Lifetime Affair

Whenever women opt for breast augmentation, they have a thought that ‘this is a lifetime affair’ and once they get it done they forget about it. But the fact is that breast implants are certainly not for a lifetime as the implants are not going to last forever. With time, they get impacted and wear and tear affect them big time. As per studies, the longer the implants, the higher the risk of leakage and rupture. Besides, there are high chances that your breasts will lose its original shape eventually if you get a breast augmentation done.

So, are you ready to undergo your first boob job?

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