Enhance Your Best Assets And Get An Enviable Figure With Stylish Butt Lift Jeans

Gone are the days when ‘big’ was beautiful and ‘skinny’ was sexy. In today’s world of fashion, big is the new sexy and it is of no surprise that women, these days, can’t get enough of a fuller and curvaceous figure. While you can surely exercise your way to a so-called ‘perfectly-shaped body’, only certain wardrobe investments can bring you instant results. Butt lift jeans is one such simple, affordable, and immediate answer to your slimmer backside issue that can help you elevate your booty game by adding definition and volume to it. So, if you are not blessed with a round and perky bum but are dying to have one, this article is absolutely for you. Keep reading to know more about the butt lift jeans and its magic!

Butt Lift Jeans

About Butt Lift Jeans

if you have still not heard about the butt lift jeans, you are certainly missing something interesting! This new ‘must-have’ for any stylish woman’s wardrobe has a plethora of names including Brazilian jeans, push up jeans, booty up jeans, bum up jeans, bottom-up jeans, body shaping jeans, and so on. But whatever you call it, it is a wonderful take on the everyday staple jeans to make a flat booty look fuller and give natural twerk-worthy curves an enhanced shape.

Even though feeling good about the body – irrespective of its shape, size, and structure – is our ultimate goal, most of us still desire for a beautifully accentuated figure. However, women come in different sizes and shapes and not every woman is blessed with a naturally proportionate body, especially a rounder butt. In such cases, choosing the butt lift jeans can help you achieve the desired look as it is specifically designed to shape, highlight, and lift your rear so that you can show it off with confidence.

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History Of Butt Lift Jeans

The butt lift jeans is one of the most ingenious fashion inventions, indeed. It was created by Brazilian designers in order to provide women butt a significant lift and make it appear more attractive. Brazilian women have always been known for their inclination to bigger and rounder butt rather than fuller and firmer breasts, which gave rise to this amazing creation. Soon it became popular across other Latin countries and even beyond them as the demand for perky bubble butt went global. At present, Columbia and Brazil are two leading manufacturers of butt lift jeans, which promise the most bootylicious body with the ultimate fit.

Why Is Butt Lift Jeans Different?

Now, the question is, what is so special about the butt lift jeans? How is it different from the regular ones? Well, the best thing about a butt lift jeans is that it is highly versatile. Unlike a basic pair of jeans, it does the obvious i.e. lifts your butt instantly in all the right places. At the same time, it also tucks the unwanted flab in the area (tummy, thighs, and legs) and enhances your curves beautifully. While wearing a ‘manipulative pairs of jeans’ like this one, you can expect a flattering fit that boosts your confidence to a large extent. In short, the butt lift jeans balances your overall look by hiding the unpleasant areas and giving your rear a perkier shape.

Butt Lift Jeans

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How Does Butt Lift Jeans Work?

So, if you are wondering how a pair of butt lift jeans actually works, here are the secrets:

1. Stretchy Material

The material used in the butt lift jeans is a special denim spandex blend that combines 78% cotton with 20% polyester, and 2% elastane. The super stretchy fabric offers a comfortable and flattering fit to all types of body by providing a control-top effect on the tummy, lifting the but significantly, and giving the overall shape of the bottom part of the body a great boost. It hugs your figure and intensifies your curves to the fullest potential. The material is also pretty heavy-duty and hence, can be worn throughout the day.

2. Diagonal Seams

The rear of each butt lift jeans has unique diagonal seaming, which not only fulfills the aesthetic purposes but also contributes to the amazing ‘lifting effect’. These exclusive seams extend around the butt in the shape of a ‘heart’ and cut across the hips to make the bottom look curvier and perkier. In short, the seaming supports the silhouette beautifully to create naturally round and full buttocks.

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3. Strong Stitching

The sideways and the upper parts of the pocket-lines come with thick, strong, and distinctive stitching. Such extra stitching draws attention to the curves by enhancing the butt shape while making the outfit durable and creating a smooth feel (no stitched part will jutt out). As a result, the rear looks defined, firmer, and rounder.

4. Tricky ‘Padding’ 

Butt lift jeans creates a ‘padding’ effect for the tush with the help of a special lifting technology. It has an extra stack of fabric at the rear that contributes towards the purpose of butt lifting. The Brazilian version of the jeans even strategically places a few pouches inside in order to offer a pronounced lift.

5. Snug-n-Curvy Fit

This jeans features a wide waistband and button fastening, which help slim down the waist and hip areas by preventing gaping effortlessly and smushing the buttocks into a beautiful shape.

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6. Slim Leg Cutting

The skinny leg cutting in such jeans creates the sexiest look by elongating the thighs and making the legs appear lean.

Apart from all these, the clever dying-and-fading technique as well as attention-grabbing details add dimension to the back and give the illusion of a bigger butt.

How Much Does It Cost?

Butt lift jeans are available in a variety of styles and shades, which typically range between $29 and $105.

If you are yet to try this amazing invention, just go for it and make your best assets even sexier.

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