Indulge In Sprouts For A Trimmer Waistline!

Losing weight is one thing all of us are dying to do. But sometimes, despite sweating it out for hours in the gym, your body simply does not budge. This could be because of your diet. What you put on your plate is as important as how many crunches you do at your gym. And with the growing trend for ‘low fat’ labels, most of us fail to realize the immense benefits our nature has to provide for us.

It’s time you got introduced to this low calorie, high fibre natural food, which will not only make your weight loss journey easy but will also help you in many other ways. Yes, today, we bring to you the numerous benefits of sprouts and why you must make this your best friend when you want to shed a few kilos. Read on and reap the benefits!

Sprouts For A Trimmer Waistline

What are sprouts?

Sprouts are nothing but germinated seeds of various legumes or grains. They are low in calories, high in proteins and essential vitamins and minerals. This, in turn, makes it a superfood for weight loss. But how do they actually help in losing weight?  Read on below:

1. Low in calories

First things first, sprouts have a very low calorie. So, you can indulge in them guilt-free. A bowl of sprouts would roughly sum up to 100 calories. Now you know why you must replace a bowl of sprouts for that chocolate bar or a pack of chips. Sprouts give you all the essential nutrients without loading up on the calories. A sure shot sign to lose weight!

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2. Packs in proteins

Ask any dietitian and he/she will definitely tell you the importance of protein during weight loss. Packing in those proteins will result in faster fat loss, repair tissues and also help in hair growth. A bowl of sprouts contains about 14 grams of protein.

3. Lowers cholesterol

Sprouts help to keep cholesterol at bay. This, in turn, keeps you away from heart issues and unhealthy weight gain.

4. Helps in digestion

Sprouts contain a good amount of living enzymes. These enzymes help in boosting the metabolic process and improves the chemical reactions within the body, thereby aiding digestion. Enzymes help in the breakdown of the food and absorption of nutrients, while the enzymes contain dietary fibre, which regulates digestion.

5. Reduces acidity

Acidity is the root cause of most of the deadly diseases, including cancer. Sprouts help to regulate and maintain normal PH level in the body, thereby cutting down on the acids. And all of these, in turn, helps to curb hunger pangs.

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6. Controls hunger pangs

Sprouts are high on dietary fibre and keep you full for longer. So, eating a bowl of sprouts will definitely stop you from binging on junk and other unhealthy and processed foods. The equation is pretty simple—less binge eating equals less weight gain!

7. Low in fat

Dishes made out of sprouts typically contain very less or zero fats, other than the oil used in making in the dish, which might come up to about four grams. But if eaten raw, they contain very less fat. A 100-gram portion of sprouts contains only about 0.38 grams of fat.

8. Detoxifies your body

The enzymes present in sprouts aids in digestion, and makes it faster so that our body so that we can get rid of waste materials effectively. Also, the chlorophyll content helps is cleansing our system. So, faster digestion and cleansing eventually lead to detoxification of the body, which in turn leads to weight loss.

Types of sprouts you can include in your diet

Just like pulses, sprouts come in different varieties as well. So here are some you can grow in your own home, and add to your daily diet.

1. Alfalfa sprouts

This one surely tops the list when it comes to weight loss. Their nutty flavor and tender texture make them ideal for stuffing in sandwiches or topping off salads. And, alfalfa sprouts are also considered to be the best for weight watchers.

2. Sunflower sprouts

Very close to alfalfa in properties, sunflower sprouts are sweet and work well in sandwiches and salads.

3. Radish sprouts

Unlike alfalfa and sunflower sprouts, radish sprouts give a spicy kick to your dish. So, if you are the kind who likes some spice in your salad or sandwich, this is just what you must use as a topping. Plus, it helps you lose weight too!

4. Mung bean sprouts

Every Indian might have at some point eaten this in their lives. Grown at home or bought from the store, mung bean sprouts can be included in your daily diet in ways more than just one. Toss it in with other vegetables, add a dash of lemon and eat it raw as a salad or throw in some tomatoes, onions, chilies, ginger, and garlic and make a lip-smacking side dish for your roti. Works well either way!

5. Green-leaf sprouts

Green leaf sprouts are more common among Americans. Their crunchy texture and subtle flavor make them ideal for sandwiches, salad toppings or vegetable saute.

How to make sprouts at home

Although sprouts are readily available at stores, there is nothing better and healthier than making it yourself in your home. And the procedure is very simple!

  1. Wash the legume or grain you want to germinate and place it in a bowl covered with cold water. Leave this overnight.
  2. The next morning, drain the water and cover the bowl with a cloth and secure it with a rubber band. In the evening, rinse and drain your legumes again.
  3. Repeat the process for one more day and your sprouts will be ready to munch. A simple way to identify if they are ready is to watch out for a small whitetail. This means they are ready to be eaten.

If you are dying to get that celebrity-like figure, hair, and skin, then this is just what you must include in your diet. So, go on and grab a bowl of sprouts instead of those processed foods and reap the benefits!

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