The Link between Reflexology and Acne

Reflexology is an alternative form of medicine that involves applying pressure on specific points of the body with the thumb, fingers and the palm. Reflexology is more or less like a massage which does not involve the use of any lotions or oils. The pressure is applied on the hands, feet or other parts of the body to balance out the energy in the body. This targets any hormonal imbalances in the body which might be the cause of acne. Let’s see in detail the link between reflexology and acne.

What is reflexology? 

Reflexology has been practiced for hundreds of years in countries like Egypt and China and has been used to balanced out the “Qi” or energy in the body. In reflexology, the areas of the foot, hands and the ears are considered to correspond to different parts of the body. Applying the right kind of pressure with the fingers and flexing the right points helps in balancing the energy in the body. This in turn treats various ailments ranging from body pain, stress to acne.

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How does reflexology help acne?

The relation between reflexology and acne can be traced to bringing about a hormonal balance in the body. Acne is normally triggered by an imbalance in the endocrine system.The reflexologist applies pressure on points corresponding to the endocrine system, liver and kidneys. This is supposed to cause these organs to flush out the toxins in the system. It also helps in clearing out excess sebum from the pores of the skin.

In fact, why go to a reflexology clinic, when you could give yourself a reflexology massage at home. If you are suffering from acne, then the points in your body on which pressure need to be applied are:

Big toe: The joint under the big toe is the point which corresponds to your adrenal  glands. Putting pressure with your thumb under the big toe will help you even out any hormonal imbalance. Rub the point with circular motions for five minutes until you start relaxing. Doing this to both the big toes will reduce the inflammation from acne caused by overactive hormones.

 Joint between big toe and second toe:  This joint corresponds to the thyroid gland.

Reflexology and Acne

Pressing the joint between the big toe and the second toe and the area around it with your thumb or index finger for 5-6 minutes will help you relax. It also helps in correcting skin and weight disorders causes by thyroid hormone imbalance.

Point above the wrist: The point above the wrist under the little finger corrects any disorder in the liver. Hold your left hand in the right. Trace your right thumb along the little finger of your left hand and stop just short of your wrist at the place where the palm ends. Put pressure on the point for 5 minutes. This helps in detoxifying your liver. Once the toxins from the liver are flushed out, you will find yourself with clearer skin.

Joint between little and index finger: Find the joint between little and index finger.

Reflexology and Acne

A centimeter below this is the reflex point that corresponds to the gall bladder. Putting pressure on it for five minutes with your thumb cleanses your digestive system and eliminates toxins.

Ball of the thumb: The ball of the thumb is where you would need to put pressure if you want to balance your pituitary gland. Hold your left thumb between your right thumb and right index finger and press it for five minutes. Putting pressure on the thumb will help your skin absorb nutrients and also in improving circulation in the body.

So you see, how simple it is to spend a few minutes on the reflexology points to address any imbalance in the endocrine glands. Try it at home or go to a reflexology clinic and you may well be on your way to acne free skin!

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