Reduce Nasal Congestion With Simple Home Remedies

Winter is here and it’s on its way to hit its peak. While we all love winters, one thing that we hate about it is the illness that it brings along with it. Nasal congestion, cough, cold, sinus etc. are the most common illness that winter brings along with it.

Nasal Congestion

What is Nasal congestion?

Nasal congestion is basically a condition where the nose is blocked due to mucus. The build-up of the mucus in the nose happens mainly due to swelling that happens in the nasal cavity. If not treated on time the condition will worsen leading to further complications such as ear infection, headache etc.

Symptoms of Nasal congestion:

Breathing difficulty, headache, difficulty in smelling, ear pain etc. are the symptoms of nasal congestion.

Cold is the most irritating illness out of all these, neither will you be able to talk properly, breathe properly, in short it will not let you be normal. For people suffering from sinus, it’s even worse scenario as they get affected very easily. Proper precaution needs to be taken right from the beginning but what would you do if you are already suffering from nasal congestion, rush to a doctor? Well, you can manage on your own by so many quick and simple home remedies to clear your nasal congestion without much of an issue.

Check out some very simple and quick home remedies to get relief from nasal congestion:

1. Hot water Steam:

This could be the most age old technique to clear nasal congestion but it surely is a very effective remedy. The ingredients required for steam are large vessel or steamer, Eucalyptus oil, towel. Boil the water, once it is boiled add few drops of eucalyptus oil and take steam through your nose. Cover your head with a towel. Inhale the steam with eucalyptus oil for as long as you are comfortable and the steam is hot. Eucalyptus oil is known to be good for clearing the congestion. Repeat this several times. You can also try putting a few drops on the pillow while you sleep in the night.


2. Carom seeds:

Take around 2 tablespoons of carom seeds and crush it well. Tie them in a cloth and then keep inhaling it three times in a day. Carom seeds can also be used in hot water and steam can be inhaled to reduce congestion.


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3. Spicy food:

Spicy food especially soups with pepper, garlic, ginger etc. are very good to relieve congestion. Pepper, garlic, ginger are all enriched with medicinal properties that heals cold and congestion and warm soup also soothes the throat well.

4. Inhaling black pepper:

This is one quick remedy to get relief from congestion. All you need to do is grab some black pepper and crush it well. Put the powder on a pan and keep it on a flame for around two minutes and inhale the fumes.

5. Warm compression:

If you have severe sinus and due to which you have a swelling then you can use hot water compression on your face as well as your eyes. Dip a towel in hot water and gently place it on the face and repeat the process.

6. Herbal tea:

A homemade herbal tea comprising of ginger, pepper, cumin seeds, small onion etc. provides a very good relief for nasal congestion and sinus pressure.

green tea

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7. Neti pot:

Neti pot usage is said to do a great job at reducing pain as well as clearing nasal congestion. Neti pot is basically using nasal spray with saline water with tea tree oil and spraying it in the nose. It helps in clearing out the congestion by thinning out the mucus and the crusts that build up in the nose.

8. Breathing exercises:

Practice breathing exercises or yoga regularly to avoid getting nasal congestion.

9. Choose right food:

If you avoid certain types of food then you would be able to keep yourself away from nasal congestion. Certain food like banana, dairy products etc. should be avoided if you do not want to worsen your congestion.

10. Cover up yourself:

Make sure to cover your ears well, especially while going out in the cold and protect yourself by wearing socks always so that the cold does not enter your body easily.

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