Things You Must Know About Pore Cleansing Oils For An Acne-Prone Skin

Oils have long been an indispensable part of our beauty regimen. They penetrate our skin, keep it moisturized, and make it soft and supple. But, oils for cleansing pores and that too for an acne-prone skin? Sounds weird, right? Well, the concept is quite old and the practice is absolutely true. Whether you like it or not, pore cleansing oil is a thing and it is definitely here to stay. Want to know more about it? Read on below to learn more.

Pore Cleansing Oils For An Acne-Prone Skin

How Does Pore Cleansing Oil Work?

Let’s start with the working procedure of pore cleansing oil. If you really want to understand what all the fuss about it is, you have to know how it actually works. According to experts, cleansing oil makes use of the ‘good oils’ secreted by our cells for getting rid of the ‘bad oils’ causing harm to our skin. Confused? Don’t worry as we’ve got you covered. No matter what the type of your skin is, we all have some oils preexisting on our faces. This majorly consists of ‘sebum’, which is secreted by the sebaceous glands located in our skin. Apart from this ‘natural oil’, the preexisting oil mixture also contains oil residues of makeup and other skincare products. When you use a cleansing oil on your face, it mixes well with these preexisting oils. After that when you wash your face and rinse it all off, the ‘good’ natural oils of your skin take those ‘bad’ pore-clogging oils and dirt along with them leaving a clean and clear skin for you.

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Why Does Cleansing Oil Not Clog Pores?

Cleansing oil might remove bad oils from your skin nicely, but does it ensure that it will not clog your pores? Well, it does. Studies have found that the working procedure of cleansing oil is quite different than regular oils, which makes sure that you do not get your skin pores clogged upon its application. When you massage your facial skin with a good cleansing oil, it binds only to the surface impurities instead of sinking into the pores and let them get washed away easily. In short, pore cleansing oils can pull out dirt from deep inside the pores without making them clogged. As a result, we get squeaky clean skin that is significantly soft to touch.

Pore Cleansing Oils For An Acne-Prone Skin

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Why Is Cleansing Oil Good for Acne-Prone Skin?

We know you are still skeptical about slathering your face with cleansing oil as you are still not convinced about its goodness, especially for an oily, acne-prone skin. So here is a list of benefits offered by cleansing oil for acne-prone skin. Check it out:

  1. The best thing about cleansing oil is that it does not get stored in our skin pores. It simply works to pull the sebum, dirt and dust out of the pores leaving them absolutely clean and clear and at the end, itself gets washed away completely. In a nutshell, a high-quality cleansing oil works only on the impurities present on our skin surface instead of clogging our pores, which ensures an acne and breakout-free, beautiful skin.
  2. A pore cleansing oil claims to cleanse our skin pores efficiently and it actually does so. Bonus? It makes the entire facial skin squeaky clean. Just massage your face with it and then rinse it off to see the difference. You will definitely love your skin!
  3. While most of the oil-free cleansers strip natural oils off our skin, a pore cleansing oil helps in maintaining its natural pH balance. This puts a stop to the overproduction of sebum so that the situation doesn’t get worse. Moreover, we get a soft, supple and hydrated skin.
  4. Pore cleansing oils contain some of the best anti-bacterial essential oils that keep bacterial infections away. Hence, using cleansing oils on oily, acne-prone skin is quite beneficial.
  5. Most of the pore cleansing oils are enriched with antioxidants as well as various other anti-aging elements. These help in improving the texture of our skin and give us a youthful glow too.
  6. There are quite a lot of pore cleansing oils available in the market, which address specific skin issues. Therefore, you can also get rid of dryness, dullness, premature aging, acne, and so on with these cleansers based on their active ingredients.

Pore Cleansing Oils For An Acne-Prone Skin

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How To Pick the Best Cleansing Oil For Oily Skin?

While picking a pore cleansing oil for oily, acne-prone skin, you must ensure that the preferred products contain rich blends of botanical oils (sesame oil, sunflower oil, safflower oil, olive oil, grape seed oil, almond oil, etc.), green tea extract, jasmine flower extract, antioxidant vitamins (vitamin C, vitamin E, etc.), and so on. It is also recommended that you look for glycerin or silicone in the ingredient list for averting excess sebum production, bacterial growth, and inflammation caused by these.

So, are you ready to give pore cleansing oil a try?

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