‘Rhinoplasty’ – Your Way To Get A Perfectly-Shaped Nose

Do you always yearn for a perfectly-shaped nose to make your face look more attractive? Or, does your nose have any functional issue that needs to be corrected? Whatever the dilemma is, you can opt for ‘Rhinoplasty’ and get it rectified. Yes, the latest technological advancement in the beauty industry has enabled us to achieve perfect facial features and rhinoplasty is the most common as well as the most popular one among them. If you want something more than just hiding the imperfections with makeup, this surgical procedure is the right pick for you. Interested in knowing more about it? We got you covered. Here is everything you need to know about rhinoplasty:

Rhinoplasty Before & After

What Is Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty, commonly known as a ‘nose job’, is basically a cosmetic surgery that is performed on the nose to enhance its shape, reshape it permanently, or improve its functionality. From medical reasons to cosmetic reasons – this surgical procedure can cover a wide range of nose issues, thereby enhancing your facial feature and emphasizing your natural beauty. Rhinoplasty is typically carried out by plastic surgeons or doctors who are trained in Otolaryngology and the exact technique is determined based on individual requirements.

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What Does Rhinoplasty Address?

With Rhinoplasty, you can get a number of nose issues corrected in order to proportion your nose on your face correctly. Following are the most common nasal concerns addressed by the surgery:

  • Size and shape of the nose (length, width, tip, bridge, etc.)
  • Size and shape of nostrils (wide, upturned, small or large in the flare, etc.)
  • Appearance of the nose (bulbous, hooked, protruding, etc.)
  • Asymmetry in nose profile
  • Deviated septum
  • Angle correction
  • Nasal dorsal humps
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Chronic nasal congestion
  • Disfigurement caused by trauma
  • Congenital malformations

Who Is An Ideal Candidate?

While most noses can survive rhinoplasty successfully and heal fast during the recovery period, it is still important to know if it is right for you before taking the plunge. Here are the surgical standards you should have:

  • A good general health
  • A good psychological health
  • No habit of smoking
  • Realistic expectations for the surgery

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How Is Rhinoplasty Done?

As mentioned before, rhinoplasty can be of different types, such as medical rhinoplasty, functional rhinoplasty, cosmetic rhinoplasty, etc. Moreover, no two rhinoplasty techniques are alike as each nose is different. Hence, the procedure starts with a thorough evaluation of the existing structure as well as the anatomy of the nose to figure out the exact technique that needs to be followed. Here are the steps of the entire surgical procedure:

  1. At first, general anesthesia is given to ensure that you are completely asleep through the surgery. Alternatively, local anesthesia may also be given to keep the patient sedated and make her nose numb only.
  2. Then, several incisions are made in the interior part of the nose or, to be more precise, within the nostrils. This gives access to the inner cartilage and bone that need to be worked on. In some rare cases, the cuts can also be made across the base of the nose.
  3. After that, the structure of the nose is reshaped as per the requirements. For this, either excess bone or cartilage is removed from the immediate area or additional cartilage grafts are added by taking the tissues from another part of the body. Sometimes, synthetic fillers are also used to provide a more cohesive appearance.
  4. Once the reshaping and rearranging are done, the structure of the nose is draped with the existing tissue and skin.
  5. Finally, a splint is placed inside the nose to provide it with better support as well as promote faster healing.

As rhinoplasty is a closed procedure, the incisions are typically made within the nose in order to hide them after surgery. However, some rare cases may also demand an open procedure where the incision is made across the connector of the nostrils.

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Duration And Longevity

The duration of a rhinoplasty surgery depends on the method that is being performed by the surgeon, which again depends on the requirements of the patient. Minimal rectifications do not need more than 1-1.5 hours. But the duration can last up to 3-4 hours if extensive changes are taking place.

Rhinoplasty is a permanent solution for a huge number of nasal concerns. But it must be carried out by an experienced as well as reputed surgeon to come out perfect and look flawless. Otherwise, the results will not last long. In the worst scenario, your treated nose may collapse completely within a few years!

Side Effects And Risk Factors

You may feel a little puffy and uncomfortable around your eyes and nose after the surgery, which is completely normal. There will be swelling and slight bruising for next 10-14 days and then, both will be dissipated.

A few risk factors associated with the rhinoplasty surgery include skin irritations (caused by bandaging), nasal congestion, infections, injury or holes in the septum, anesthesia-related complications, etc.

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Post-Surgery Cautions And Recovery

Each recovery process for rhinoplasty surgery is unique. While you can resume your normal activities in a couple of weeks, your nose will continue to heal for the next one year. Proper care has to be taken, which include following these precautions as well:

  • Rest with your head raised higher than chest
  • Steer clear of hot showers, baths, and spas
  • Stay away from strenuous activities for 3-6 weeks
  • Skip exercising (jogging, aerobics, etc.) for 3-6 weeks
  • Make sure that you do not blow your nose
  • Be gentle while brushing your teeth
  • Avoid extreme facial expressions (laughing, smiling, frowning, etc.)
  • Say ‘NO’ to your habit of smoking
  • Stay hydrated by drinking lots of water
  • Consume leafy greens and vitamin K-rich foods
  • Reduce your daily intake of salt

Cost Of Rhinoplasty

The cost of rhinoplasty can vary widely based on the requirements as well as the procedures and it can be anywhere between $3,000 and $15,000.

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