Improve the Looks of your Teeth with AcceleDent

Who does not want to exhibit beautiful pearly teeth and a glorious smile, regardless of gender? Each one of us would like to do so! However, it may not be possible always, due to the topsy-turvy arrangement of teeth within the oral cavity. Then, there is no option but to don rather ugly-looking braces for quite some time to come. Today, however, thanks to the advent of AcceleDent, you may reduce the duration of braces treatment drastically!

What is AcceleDent?

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration department cleared a Class II device in 2012. This was AcceleDent. Since it can improve the movement of teeth, fenced by braces, anywhere between 38% and 50%, it has acquired tremendous popularity in the arena of orthodontics! This means that you may have to wear your braces for just six months, instead of 12 months! Additionally, AcceleDent works equally well with Invisalign, metal braces and clear braces. To sum up, this is a painless and lightweight device, which will help in reducing the discomfort you experience while undergoing orthodontic treatment.


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Are you an ideal candidate for AcceleDent?

Your orthodontist should be able to tell you if you should go for AcceleDent or not. After all, each individual’s teeth and constitution are different. Regardless, anyone of any age may use it, for the device is safe. Furthermore, it is compatible with almost every kind of orthodontic appliance. As per the American Association of Orthodontics [1], one in five patients belongs to the ‘adult’ age group. These patients are keenly interested in the effectiveness of using diverse devices, as well as aesthetics. Naturally, they love AcceleDent, which encourages the straightening of crooked teeth! Please note that it is not available over the counter. You may obtain it only through a legitimate prescription.

How should you use this device?

To begin with, it is a portable device. You may insert it and remove it, as you please. You will have to switch on this activator, in order to continue the process. When the LED light displays green, you will know that it is ‘on’. Now, place the mouthpiece inside your mouth. Ensure that it touches all sides of your mouth. You will have to bite upon it gently, in order to keep it in place. The activator uses SoftPulse technology to help the mouthpiece vibrate. Due to these micro pulses, your teeth will be able to move all that much faster. Additionally, the rate of bone modeling will increase. Stop the process after 20 minutes.

AcceleDentWhat considerations should you keep in mind while using AcceleDent?

Do not go beyond 20 minutes, believing that the outcome will be easier to achieve! Even your doctor will not recommend it. Schedule a time during the day when you are free and most relaxed. Use AcceleDent at this time only, every day.

The vibrations are gentle, exerting much lesser force an electric toothbrush does. Even regular chewing movements are 200 times stronger than these micro pulses. You will appreciate the fact that the device is not subjecting your teeth to continual, static pressure. Oh, yes, let the operations continue without your hands interfering! Go about your routine tasks with your hands. In case, you have to take a telephone call, the device will pause for five minutes, and then, reset. Finally, you may take recourse to the AcceleDent App that tracks day-to-day usage and also enables you to safely direct message with your orthodontist and earn virtual awards.

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What are the benefits of using AcceleDent?

Orthodontists spend quite some time on leveling and aligning your teeth with the aid of different types of wires. The former refers to bringing all the teeth to similar heights. The latter refers to the positioning of the teeth in their correct places in the arch in your oral cavity.

Now, leveling can go up to seven months, or more. However, if you befriend AcceleDent, it should take just about five months or so. You should also be able to witness an enhancement of 30%, as far as the rate of movement of your teeth is concerned. The movements are more rapid in the upper teeth.

Regardless of these benefits, do not expect your visits to the orthodontist to lessen! However, you can take comfort in the fact that your smile is looking better and better! In case, the AcceleDent process is in accordance with Invisalign, you will have to change your aligner trays even more frequently than before. However, there will be an absence of pain. Additionally, you will be able to track your progress quite well.

In case, you wear conventional braces and use AcceleDent, you will have to visit your doctor every four/six weeks.

How should you care for AcceleDent?

This device is going into your mouth. It follows, therefore, that you should be careful about maintaining hygiene. Always keep the AcceleDent perfectly clean. Towards this end, after every session cleanse the mouthpiece with warm water and wipe with a dry cloth prior to storage or charging.

Then again, keep it well charged, since you need to use it every day. Whenever the activator desires a recharge, it will let you know via the LED indicator. This indicator will display a blinking orange light. At that time, all that you have to do is to place the activator in the wireless charging case. The LED indicator will be solid orange while charging and turn off when fully charged.

If you wish to cleanse the activator, just wipe it all over with a soft cloth. Do not ever use water or liquid on it, for it is not waterproof.

What is the cost of using AcceleDent?

On average, AcceleDent Optima costs 10% or less of typical orthodontic treatment costs. Nonetheless, the passion to possess perfect-looking teeth is so great that many patients are willing to pay the price! Movie stars, athletes, models, lawyers, etc, are excellent examples of willingness to use AcceleDent as soon as possible!

Note that there certain cases, wherein patients have no choice, but to go for borderline surgeries, or impaction procedures. Many patients dread facing these slow treatments. They would be more willing to come forward, if AcceleDent became a part of these treatments.


Is it safe to use AcceleDent?

Yes, of course, it is safe! Otherwise, the U.S. FDA would not have allowed AcceleDent to reach the marketplace at all! This non-invasive and non-surgical method has demonstrated no damage to the roots of teeth or other adverse effects thus far. Then again, it has helped to reduce hypersensitivity and discomfort occurring due to the wearing of braces in many patients.

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If you are still skeptical, you should peruse a clinical trial conducted. After testing a random sample of 45 or more patients, wherein the participants were generally between 12 and 40 years of age, the researchers declared that AcceleDent was safe, as well as convenient, for patients’ use. [2]


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