Facial Scar Revision Treatments to Banish Scars

How many times have we looked at a scar on the face and wondered how wonderful the skin would look in the absence of the scar! A scar is the visible remains of an injury, burn, chicken pox, acne or a surgery. It is hard to conceal one through makeup and it remains on the skin long after the source of the scar is gone. A facial scar revision treatment helps in lightening a scar or removing it altogether. We tell you here all about the options in facial scar revision treatments and the results they produce.

A Lowdown about Scars 

A scar is the patch of tissue that replaces the skin that has undergone an injury or surgery or acne or chicken pox. Scars caused by acne and chicken pox may be pitted or sunken. The ones left over after an injury or a surgery are lumpy and differently colored and textured from the healthy skin around it. Stretch marks are also considered to be scars.

Scar Revision Options 

In order to lighten scars, you have a number of options which include, topical treatments, minimally invasive procedures and surgical treatments. These treatments make the scar less obvious and reduce any change in the skin texture caused by the scar. The extent of revision that is possible depends on how sunken or raised the scar is and the kind of treatment you choose. Here are the different facial scar revision treatments that you could choose from.

1. Topical creams and gels 

Products such as silicone gels and scar revision creams have shown a lot of improvement in the appearance of scars. They help lighten a scar and make it appear homogeneous to the surrounding skin. Creams and gels with Vitamin A help in improving the aesthetic properties of scars since retinoic acid present in vitamin A is a resurfacing agent.

2. Laser Therapy

Laser therapy is very effective in treating scars. The laser beam, when applied to the skin, helps in removing the outer layers of the skin and promotes new tissue growth. The procedure takes about half an hour and is suitable for all kinds of scars.

3. Chemical peels 

Chemical peels help peel off the outer layers of the skin after which the body produces tissues in order to repair the controlled wound caused by the chemical peel. Superficial scars can be  treated with a glycolic peel while deeper scars would need a deep tissue peel like a phenol peel. You can read more about chemical peels used on scars here

4. Microdermabrasion

Microdermabrasion also works similar to peels, just that it does not use any chemicals. Instead, tiny crystals are used which are abrasive on the skin and peel off imperfections. It results in the rejuvenation of the entire top layer of the skin, giving you a more even skin tone. It works well for superficial scars.

Read about microdermabrasion vs chemical peels here

5. Filler injections 

facial scar revision

If the scar is significantly depressed, then filler injections are used to create a more even skin tone. The filler can be collagen and fat that are removed from the dermis and through liposuction respectively. They last only a few months and need repeated filling to repair the scar contour.

6. Scar revision surgery

Most of the above treatments are temporary, needing repeated visits to the clinic for another sitting to revise the scar. If you are looking for a permanent option, then a scar revision surgery is what you could go in for. During the surgery, your scar is cut out and is replaced with a skin graft from a healthy part of the skin. It takes you a couple of weeks to recover from the surgery, but once you do, then it is a permanent goodbye to the scar.

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