How To Use Epsom Salt for Weight Loss?

Those extra pounds around your waistline have long been pissing you off, but none of your efforts are working. This is surely disheartening and you might have already started thinking in a negative way. Is it so? Well, we bet that you have not given Epsom salt a try yet, have you? Just read on the article to know more about Epsom salt and its efficacy in weight loss programs.

How To Use Epsom Salt for Weight Loss?

What Is Epsom Salt?

Epsom salt is the common name of an inorganic mineral compound called Magnesium Sulphate (10% magnesium, 13% sulfur). It is actually a naturally occurring substance that was named after the bitter saline spring ‘Epsom’ (from which it was obtained first) situated in Surrey, England.

Till date, a number of studies have been conducted on Epsom salt and it has been found to have numerous health as well as beauty benefits. Magnesium, the primary element in the mineral compound, is itself known to regulate over 325 enzymes in our body, thereby ensuring normal functionalities of cells. It also helps in improving the health of our muscular system, nervous system and cardiovascular system; curing muscle as well as joint pain, and relieving other health issues like headache, backache, inflammation, etc. Contrarily, sulphate takes care of our overall health by eliminating toxins from the cells, boosting the rate of nutrient absorption, and increasing collagen production to a large extent.

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How Does It Work For Weight Loss?

When it comes to losing weight, the salt crystals mainly work in the following three ways:

  • Epsom salt gets absorbed into our skin very fast and starts working almost immediately by increasing the levels of magnesium and sulphate in our bloodstream.
  • It works as a natural detoxifying agent that extracts excess toxins (all sodium, phosphorous and nitrogenous) from our body including the fat cells. This eventually perks up the calorie-burning capacity of our body.
  • As it pulls toxins out of the system, the bodily metabolism gets regularized and the absorption of nutrients becomes better. This also puts a stop to emotional eating and prevents weight gain indirectly.

How To Use Epsom Salt for Weight Loss?

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Different Ways To Use Epsom Salt For Weight Loss

  1. Using Epsom Salt Internally

Being a laxative approved by FDA (Food and Drug Administration), Epsom salt can be used internally. However, this is not safe enough as just a single tablespoon of the salt contains almost 100 times more magnesium than the RDA dosage. It may also lead to adverse side effects like nausea, vomiting, poor metabolism, malnutrition, dehydration, diarrhea, laxative dependence, electrolyte imbalance, etc.

  1. Getting An Epsom Salt Bath

Having an Epsom salt bath can help us slim down in a faster and more effective way. When dissolved in water, the salt crystals create a static and unified electric field that helps in detoxification of fatty cells and leads to significant weight loss.

  • Regular Epsom Salt Bath:

Add 1-2 teaspoons of Epsom salt to a bathtub while filling it with hot water. Soak in the bath for 15-25 minutes and relax. Do it daily and keep the time span fixed to avoid side effects. As your body becomes used to it, increase the quantity of salt to 1-2 cups, but not more than that.

  • Baking Soda And Epsom Salt Bath:

Add 2 cups of Epsom salt and 2 cups of baking soda to a bathtub filled with hot water. Soak in it and rub your skin with a soft sponge during the whole time. Being a strong cleanser, baking soda will accelerate the method of detoxification. However, you must be gentle while using the sponge.

How To Use Epsom Salt for Weight Loss?

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  • Ginger And Epsom Salt Bath:

Fill your bathtub with hot water and add 2 cups of Epsom salt to it. Grate some ginger (around 3 teaspoons) and throw it into the bath. Now, relax in it for 20-30 minutes. This will open up your clogged skin pores and help you release more sweat so that the rate of toxin expulsion goes up.

  • Apple Cider Vinegar And Epsom Salt Bath:

Add Apple Cider Vinegar and Epsom salt in 2:1 ratio in a bathtub filled with water. Immerse yourself in it for 25-30 minutes. ACV will improve our bodily metabolism, thereby accelerating the weight loss effects of Epsom salt bath.

According to experts, one should not add more than 500-600 grams of Epsom salt in a water-filled bathtub. Also, make sure that you do not have this bath more than 2-3 times a week.

Words Of Caution

Epsom salt not only helps in reducing extra body weight, but it also aids in getting a silky smooth skin. However, you should not spend more than 30 minutes in Epsom salt bath in any case as it might cause irritability, hyperactivity, lightheadedness, fainting, weakened bones, irregular menstrual cycle, etc. It is crucial to get in touch with a physician prior to starting an Epsom salt treatment for weight loss in order to stay away from adverse effects.

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