Anti Aging Makeup Tips to Help you Look Younger

Is there a way to look younger with makeup? Of course yes. Makeup, when done correctly can help wipe off a lot of years from your face. Makeup will help you cover up the changes that your skin and features have undergone with years and also help highlight the best of your features. We tell you some simple anti aging makeup tips that will help you look way younger than you actually are.

Anti Aging Makeup Tips 

1. Go Minimal with Makeup 

Going over the top with makeup can actually add years to your look. Too much concealer, very dark eye shadow or pasty foundation are a surefire way to look a lot older than what you actually are. So the safest bet is to keep the makeup minimal. If you have to use a concealer, just dot it on the blemishes and the dark circles and blend well.

2. Go in for tinted moisturizers 

tinted moisturizers

For your daily makeup, you can ditch your foundation and go in for tinted moisturizers. They just add a hint of color to your skin and allow your natural skin to shine through while also moisturizing your skin. When it comes to looking younger, the more natural you keep your look, the better. A tinted moisturizer with SPF and light reflecting particles is a single solution that takes care of moisturizing, sun protection and providing a foundation. The light reflective particles make your skin glow from within. Finish it off with a translucent powder rather than pressed powder.

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3. Open Up your Eyes

Anti Aging Eye Makeup

With age, the eyes start puffing up, having fine lines around them and appear smaller. The trick to reverse the signs of age is to open up the eyes. Invest in a good eyelash curler that will curl your lashes outwards and open the eyes up. Use a volumizing mascara and a soft pencil eyeliner in the darkest black color possible. Use an eye shadow in lighter colors like peach and rose. If possible, avoid lining your lower lid since it can highlight the dark circles. Define your brows since well defined eyebrows can take off years from your face.

4. Highlight the Cheeks 

Anti Aging Makeup Cheeks

Highlighting the apples of your cheeks in warm rosy colors like pinks and peaches give you flushed cheeks and a fuller face look which are signs of youth. It also helps in diverting the attention to your eyes. If you have a slightly wheatish skin tone, then go in for a highlighter with bronze undertones. It will distract attention from the hollows of your face if you have any and make your face look plump and youthful.

5. Bright Lips 

Bright lips, especially the ones with pink undertones can freshen up your skin. So if you want to take off years from your face, then use a rich and creamy lip color. Go in for pinks and reds if you have a fair complexion and browns and purples if you have a darker complexion. If the natural lip line has started fading, then use a lip liner too. If your lips are already full, then you can go in for a matte lipstick. But if your lips have started to lose collagen, then use finish your lipstick with a plumping lip gloss.

So you see, how easy it is to look more youthful with makeup. Try our anti aging makeup tips and let us know if they helped knock off years from your face.

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