Natural Honey & Cinnamon Hair Mask for a Shiny Hair

The weather is changing and this demands you to take more care of yourself in this heating summer. The summer is actually the time to fight for the fine hair. So, do you love your hair? But do the cosmetics and artificial ways scare you? Are you afraid of exposing your skin to market based products?

If your answer to above questions is a yes and you are seeking firm solutions to same, you are at the right place. Just relax for a while as we are here with this post to manage the deal for you.

Honey & Cinnamon Hair Mask

When the outside world scares, we all look into our houses for the existing solutions. This is again something for which you will require to look into your kitchen. If you monitor carefully, you will find so many goodies there! These are the ones whose worth are never recognised but can be miraculous if exploited in right way. They are within budget, natural and no harm ingredients. Also, the treatment takes less time and results are long lasting. It makes you feel self-pampered by your hair.

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Ingredients required

Ingredients are easily found in your kitchen, actually! The following are the requirements for mid-length hair.

  • A tablespoon honey
  • 2 teaspoon cinnamon
  • A bowl
  • A beater or a big spoon


Once you are there, ready with your ingredients, it is the time for execution to fix up the hair crisis. Take all the ingredients in a bowl and mix them fine. Keep beating the mixture for a long time. Continue this process till the colour turns dark and now, you need to warm it for a while. This can be done in two ways. Either by using microwave or put the bowl of mixture in the warm water.

If you are doing the same with a microwave, place the mixture in a microwave friendly container and microwave it for 30-50 seconds. Your paste is ready to be used.


After the preparation, what matters the most is execution of the purpose. To apply the honey cinnamon mixture on hair, brush out your hair first of all. Now, dip your finger tips in the mixture and start massaging your hair at temples and the forehead. Once done here, move to your scalp and massage the whole of the scalp. Keep repeating this two to three times and once you find you have covered all the major of scalp, turn to your hair.

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Spread the mixture along the length of your hair in a manner to create a layer around them. Once you are successful in this, twist your hair and wrap them in a shower cap. Leave this shower cap for some 2-3 hours.

Now it is the time to wash your hair off! Wash your hair with little warm water by gently massaging the hair and the scalp. Do not use any other hair product. Rinse the hair and let them dry.


The benefits of this honey cinnamon hair mask are long lasting! The characteristics of the same are as mentioned.

Warm feeling

The warm feeling attained with head covered by mask is amazing. Honey is claimed to be a warm food product and warmth it provides you is pleasing and the experience is wonderful.

Good smell

The cinnamon adds certain flavours to the food and so does the fragrance of honey. Their mixture, together further lends a good smell to the hair for long after one time treatment. Repetition can stable the same fragrance.

Glowing hair

The honey and cinnamon hair mask gives the user a set of glowing hair. It fosters the growth of the hair length and also gives a unique shine to the same. The properties of honey play a major role.

Hair growth

Apart from adding a natural shine to the hair, the mixture promotes growth of the hair as well. Continuous use of same is productive and regular use assures hair growth.


The set of precautions are a must for any objective to be fulfilled. Same goes for the honey cinnamon mask. Below mentioned precautions should be adopted to expect better results. However, if you have dermatological issues, do consult your dermatologist before use of any such products.

Excessive Ingredients

The ingredients should be used in the mentioned ratio only. The disproportional use would result in wrong effects and should to be avoided.

Accurate application

The application of the honey cinnamon mask has to be very precise. You must gently apply and massage the hair scalp. The damage may be occurred if the procedure is carried out in a hurry.

Pure Ingredients

The ingredients used should be pure. The cinnamon should be put to fine particles in the grinder and the honey must be purchased from trusted sources.


The hair should be washed or cleaned otherwise by brushing them before massaging with honey cinnamon mask. The dirt has to be removed by any means otherwise it will reduce the effect of the same.

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