7 Best & Natural Ways to Get Rid of a Hickey Fast

It is said that love is painful and that stands really true in case of hickeys. In the heat of that passionate moment, you get that kissing and sucking rewards ranging from blue, to pink and purple. Well, we agree it symbolizes your love and affection with your partner but the same love sign can get embarrassing too. You will definitely not like your co-workers, friends and family to know about your crazy session. Isn’t it? So, let’s have a look as to what actually causes a love injury and how to get rid of it.

What is a hickey?

7 Best & Natural Ways to Get Rid of a Hickey Fast

For those who still don’t know what a hickey is, here is an update. Hickey is a love bite or a love scar that happens due to a bite or a suck on the soft layer of the skin. It is most notable on neck area, arms and thighs where the skin is soft and gentle. Due to harsh biting, tiny blood capillaries underneath the skin breaks and leads to the dispersal of blood giving an ugly red to purple colored mark on the skin.  Though there is a larger anatomy behind the entire action, more importantly a hickey is caused due to breaking of tiny blood cells under the layers of skin.

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How long do hickeys last?

Hickeys may last from a day or two to even couple of weeks. How long the scar stays on the skin and what is the size of it depends upon the intensity of sucking. With each passing day, the color of the bruise fades away. If left on its own, it may take a week or two for a hickey to go away. If treated well, hickey may leave the skin within 2 to 3 days. It is also said that people who stay hydrated or eat and exercise well have a speedy recovery as compared to those who don’t. So, the healthier you are, greater are the chances of the hickey vanishing away fast.

Are hickeys harmful?

It is extremely important and relieving to know that the passionate love bites are not dangerous. It just occurs on the sensitive part of the skin and can heal naturally if left unattended. The love scar is not a permanent thing and disappears completely. There is nothing to worry about a hickey apart from the awkwardness. From health point of view, a hickey is a normal phenomenon that can happen to anybody.

How to get rid of a hickey

Nobody wants the infamous marks to be shown off. So, here are few tips that will help you get rid of a hickey faster.

1. Effective cold treatment

A cooling agent is a must on your sweet love bite as soon as you get one.  Wrap an ice in a towel or soft cloth and put it on the affected area. You may also freeze a spoon and use the back portion of it to press on the bruise. Cold compresses not only make the difficult marks vanish away but also reduces the swelling and pain. Try not to apply an ice directly on the skin.

2. Vitamin E aid

We all know how essential and powerful Vitamin E is for our skin’s health. Vitamin E which helps in formation of collagen is great in reducing the marks of love bites from the skin. Use Vitamin E oil to massage the affected area. However, use it with caution as it may irritate your skin. Avoid excessive massage in order to avoid further redness and swelling.

Vitamin E Capsules on Skin and Hair

3. Brush away the bruise

Toothbrush comes handy when you want that embarrassing love bite to leave your skin. We all know that the kissing scars are caused due to the cells affected by blood circulation so by rubbing the toothbrush in a circular motion you can boost the flow of the blood. Choose one with soft bristles and do it with light pressure. Too much of rubbing or pressing hard may make it even worse.

4. The massage magic

Take some amount of aloe vera cream or gel and use it to massage the hickey bruise. Try to get some natural aloe vera extract as it would be safer and quicker in the healing process. Put the gel straight over the hickey and massage it for maximum 5 minutes. This will work as a fast and effective solution.

Aloe Vera

5. Toothpaste

Cooling agent is an age-old remedy for those red-colored love imprints on your skin. It not only treats the mark quickly but also stops the redness to spread. Dab a small amount on your finger, apply over the affected area and let it cool. The love bites will fade away and cool down in a short period.

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6. Use the coin

Another alternative solution is to scrape the bruise with a coin. Use the edge of a coin like a scraper on the hickey. Start from the centre and then spread it outwards. Keep repeating the process in the same manner. The idea is to break down the clots and allow enough of blood streaming into the veins. Take immense care while scraping as too much of it may cause further redness.

7. Warm tea bag

It’s one of the most common and readily available remedies to treat the little lovely bruise. Warm tea bag has medicinal effects and is warm on the skin too. The heat of the bag acts as an amazing cure on the affected area. The hot tea bag compress helps increase the blood flow and helps in speedy regeneration of dead skin which ultimately fades away the scars.

Warm Tea Bag

How to hide a Hickey

Another trick apart from the treatment is to cover your hickeys smartly.

Make-up tricks

We agree the make-up technique will not make the mark go away but will definitely mask it up. It’s tentative but a perfect remedy to cover up that tough kissing. So, without giving a second thought, you can use the effective and smart beauty tricks to hide your hickey. Wear a high quality concealer or a foundation to merge the hickey with your skin tone. Apply the right kind of make-up around the love bite and it will offer you significant results. You may even use glitters or dust.

Covering up

There cannot be a solution as easy as a cover-up for an embarrassing love bite. Choose your outfit well as to envelop your love scar completely. For that you may opt for a turtle neck t-shirt, a high collared dress or dog collar sweater; the choice is yours. A scarf or a muffler too may help in hiding your hickey around the neck.

It’s time to carry on with your crazy stuffs and rendezvous with your partner without worrying about the tacky love bites. These handy tips will make things easier for you and help you enjoy the adventurous journey of love life without any botheration.

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