Sink or Shower – Which One is the Better Place to Wash Your Face?

Washing the face is probably the simplest task that we need to perform in a daily basis. Some of us love to wash our face while taking a shower, while others prefer to do it over the sink. But what does our facial skin like about these practices? Which one is the better place for face washing – sink or shower? Let us take a look:

Sink or Shower

How to Wash Your Face Over the Sink?

While washing your face over the sink, you need to follow the step-by-step procedure mentioned below:

1. First of all, make your face free from your hair. You can pull back all your locks and tie them up into a neat bun or a high ponytail by using an elastic band. You can also use a headband to keep your bangs or fringes away from your face.

2. Take some water in your hands and splash it over your face. As soon as your entire face gets moistened, cleanse it with a gentle facial cleanser. You should apply the cleanser all over your face and cleanse thoroughly by moving your fingers in a circular motion.

3. Exfoliation is also an important part of washing our face. So, choose a gentle facial scrub that contains tiny beads and exfoliate your face slowly. Once done with it, rinse your face by splashing fresh water. Make sure that you do not ignore areas like hairline, jawline, both sides of the nose, etc. while washing your face.

4. Pat dry the face gently with the help of a soft clean towel.

Washing Face in Sink

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How to Wash Your Face in the Shower?

Now, here are the steps to wash your face while taking a shower. There is nothing much difference between washing face over sink and in shower. However, you will get to know them by going through the following section:

1. It is somewhat difficult to keep the hair away from the face while washing it under shower. So, you can wear a shower cap to cover your entire head prior to getting into the main job. If you are also taking a shower, simply rinse your locks back.

2. There is no need to splash water over your face as you are standing right under the running water. Just wait for a few minutes so that your face gets wet completely.

3. Now, cleanse it with the help of a mild facial cleanser. The process of cleansing must be similar to the previous one. If you need to exfoliate your face, follow the earlier method once again.

4. Rinse your face thoroughly and then pat dry with a soft clean towel.

Washing Face in Sink

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Sink or Shower – Find Out the Better Choice

Well, washing face in the shower is always recommended over doing it at sink. Even though washing face over the sink seems to be quite easy, time-saving and convenient, experts do not consider it as a good practice. If we wash our face during taking a shower, the whole process becomes a relaxing as well as perfect one. Usually, we take our time to massage the face properly with the cleanser in the shower. It results into deep cleansing, which eventually opens up our clogged skin pores in a more simple and efficient manner. It has also been found that the shower works as a huge steamer for our face, which liquefies the sebum entrapped in our pores and helps in opening them easily. All these lead to a great cleansing as well as washing of our face.

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