10 Hairstyles to go with Indian Traditional Outfits

Indian outfits like saree, salwar kameez, anarkali suits and lehengas are meant to be accessorized. Along with accessories, what also matters is the way you style your hair when you wear Indian outfits. Gone are the days when Indian wear was paired with plaited hair. There are plenty of options out there to try with regard to hair styles. We give you a lowdown on some of these.

1. Messy Bun

Style your hair into curls and then tie it up in a loose messy bun landing at the nape of your neck. Let some of the curls fall on your forehead and keep the whole look a little casual. You can maybe throw in a jewelled clip at the back to secure your hair and sashay in style.

Messy Bun

2. Pinned back hair

Partition your hair at the centre. Back comb the hair on the head to get some volume. Now take a strand of hair from either side of the partition and pin it at the back with a jewelled clip. Curl the ends of your hair and let it fall loose on your shoulders. A simple yet elegant hairstyle that is almost fuss free.

Pinned back hair

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3. Clean low bun

While messy hair is in, a clean look never goes out of style. It accentuates your cheek bones and your forehead. Simply use some serum or spray to hold back your hair. Comb it backwards, tightly and make a low bun with it. Pair it up with a maang tika if the occasion calls for it.

Clean low bun

4. Side plait

The regular plait can be boring but the side plait is in style. Tie your hair up into a loose plait or a French braid on the side. Pull out some hair on either side near your temples and curl them to casually fall on your face and you have a casual chic look going for you.

Side plait

5.  Side bun

Loosely comb your hair to a side. Partition the hair into three or four parts and braid each part. Now hold all the tiny braids together and knot them into a bun at the side, just below your ears. Keep your accessories to a minimum since the intricate bun itself will highlight your look enough.

Side bun

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6. Ponytail

A ponytail need not be meant only for casual attire. You can do a clean swept ponytail with a sari too. Back comb some of your hair into a pouf on top of your head and pull back the rest of the hair into a ponytail. Accessorize with a fancy clip or band. Keep your entire look clean and minimalistic.


7. Loose updo

To get this look, slightly curl your hair on either sides of your partition. Secure your hair into a bun and tuck in all loose ends with pins. Hold the look down with a hair mist. Make sure the hair is not prim and proper but has a few stray strands here and there. It makes the whole look flirty and fun.

Loose updo

8. Straight layered hair

If you have lovely layered hair that you want to flaunt, then wash your hair and follow it up with applying some smoothening cream. Partition your hair at the centre. Blow dry your hair and iron out the ends. You are good to go!

Straight layered hair

9. Pouf updo

This look will need you to use a volumizing shampoo. Follow it up with lightly curling your hair. Back comb the hair on the head to achieve that pouf. Hold it together with some pins. Roll up the rest of your hair into a tight bun and secure it with pins. The hairstyle will add to your height and make your forehead more striking.

Pouf updo

10. Curled layered hair

If you have medium length voluminous hair then this is a style to try. Curl your hair after treating it to a volumizing shampoo. Make a side partition and let the curls fall on your shoulders, framing your face.

Curled layered hair

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