How To Get Heatless Curls And Waves – 10 Cool Tricks To Try

Admit it, ladies! You all know how brutally the curling wand-blow dryer combo has been frying your precious locks and leaving it heavily damaged, extremely unhealthy, and absolutely lifeless. But you still keep heat styling (sometimes even over using the heat appliances) your hair for the sake of attractive curls and waves. You already are enough guilty of this and it is time to stop the bad practice immediately. We give you some cool tricks to get heatless curls and waves right here:

Soft Roller / Curler Method

  1. Soft Roller / Curler Method

Not all of us are obsessed with curling irons. There are women who are totally in love with these soft rollers or curlers too. You can wrap your towel-dried hair around the curlers firmly, wait for a couple of hours, and unwrap to experience the magic! These are available in a variety of sizes in order to fit your curling needs perfectly.

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  1. Headband Method

If you have a stretchy headband right at your hand, you can get big, loose curls overnight. Dampen your hair and then, wear the headband around your forehead carefully. Take a 2-inch section from your damp locks, wrap it around the headband, and secure the end under the band itself. Repeat until the rest of your hair is wrapped. Now, go to sleep. It will give you large, beautiful curls once you unwrap the hair sections in the morning.

  1. Mousse Method

When it comes to getting heatless curls, a good hair mousse turns out to be a great choice. But you don’t need to put it all over your hair. Rather, dampen the lower half of the length of your dry hair and apply the mousse to that part only. Gently comb in order to distribute the product throughout your hair and make a bun. Once you let the hair go loose after a couple of hours, you will be blessed with soft natural curls.

  1. Clip Method

Do you have a large collection of hair clips? Well, you are just one step away from getting luscious curls. Start with damp hair, split it into several 2-inch sections, twist them one by one around your finger, and secure carefully on your scalp with the clips. After a few hours, put off the clips to reveal your wonderful structured curls.

Clip Method

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  1. Bobby Pin Method

If you are not much into hair styling, the chances are big that you do not have enough hair styling products in your arsenal. Worry not. You can still create some sexy spiral curls just by using some bobby pins. All you need to do is dampen your hair, divide it into multiple thin sections, fold each of them separately, and pin them into your scalp. Just wait for 2-3 hours or go to bed by putting a shower cap on. Voila!

  1. Multiple Bun Method

Want to skip even the bobby pins? We also have the ‘freehand’ method for you. As long as you know how to make a bun, you are good to go. Start with slightly damp hair. Divide it into several 2-inch sections, make tiny buns out of them, and secure them with hair elastics right on the scalp. This method is great to try before a party as you can carry on your other tasks while wearing the little buns all over your head. After a few hours, undo each of the buns and shake them out to get lovely curls.

  1. T-Shirt Method

You probably have no idea how your old, ragged tee can give you amazing waves without the use of heat. Before tossing it in the trash, cut it into as thin strips as possible and give this method a try. At first, you need to dampen your hair and split it into multiple 2-inch sections. Then, take a strip of the tee, roll one section of hair around it tightly, and tie both ends together with a hair elastic. Do this for all other sections of locks too. Once your hair dries up completely, remove the tee strips and you will get gorgeous waves.

T-Shirt Method

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  1. Braid Method

Now, this is a classic way to achieve attractive beach waves without treating the tresses with heat or alcohol. To try this timeless technique, you just need to braid up all your hair and leave it overnight. The best part of this braid method is that it gives us so much control of our style. For super tight curls, make small and tight braids. For all over and uniform waves, part your hair in the middle, create two pigtails near the part and then, create French braids in those pigtails. A loose side braid will be enough to give you large delicate waves with a little volume and bounce.

Try these cool tricks and protect your crowning glory from the damaging effects of heat. Don’t you love your healthy and dazzling curls now?

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