5 Steps to Do a Bowl Cut Hairstyle

‘Bowl cut’, also popularly known as ‘mushroom cut’ or ‘helmet cut’, is one of the cheapest as well as easiest haircuts in which the length of all the hair is kept same while leaving straight bangs across the face. The style is named after the process that was followed earlier for getting this hairstyle. Basically, a bowl was used for placing at the top of the head and cutting the hair visible beneath it. However, it has been modified a lot and no bowl is used these days. Check out the simple way of doing a bowl cut hairstyle at your home:

Bowl Cut Hairstyle

Supplies Needed for Getting a Bowl Cut Hair

  • Cape
  • Spray bottle
  • Tail comb
  • Hair clips
  • A pair of hair cutting scissors

Steps to Follow for Getting a Bowl Cut Hair

Bowl Cut Hairstyle

1. At first, you have to put the cape on. It is essential as we do not want the cut hair to fall against the skin and get messy. You can also replace it with a comb out or shampoo cape if you lack the regular one. Some people also use a soft cloth attached with a plastic sheet. But whatever you use for this purpose, make sure that it is wet enough. Just spritz some water from the spray bottle on the cape and wear it.

2. Take the tail comb and create a center part by brushing the hair properly. At the same time, you also have to create another part right at the back of your head. It means, you have to divide all your hair into four sections.

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3. Now, comb and hold almost 0.25 inch of hair present at the bottom of the head by using the tail comb. Twist rest of the hair and clip it up with the hair clips so that the hair remains at its place. In the mean time, if your hair gets dry, spray some more water on it. Comb it once again as soon as possible so that the hair stays absolutely plane against the head.

4. Now, take the pair of scissors and start cutting the hair. If you are looking for a short haircut, keeping the length of the hair right above your eyebrow would be the best for you. Once you are done with the front part of your face, you get the pattern that you need to maintain for the rest of the process. So, for the backside of your head, follow the similar pattern and come down gradually in an angular way as soon as you reach the sides of your head.

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5. Focus on the hair present around your ears. Make sure that the length of hair is same at both sides. Now, again go to the backside of the head and take 0.5-inch or 0.25-inch hair down once more. It would reveal the actual line so that you can follow it properly. Finally, go around it 3 to 4 more times and make sure that no hair is left there.

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