Notch Up Your Style Quotient By Wearing These 10 Hairstyles With Churidar Kameez

An Indian woman looks her best in a pure ethnic outfit. And if that outfit is an incredibly beautiful churidar kameez, it is hard to take eyes off her. Needless to say, a good churidar kameez needs even a better hairstyle to enhance the entire look of a person. So, if you are still stuck with the same old, boring hairdo, it’s time for a serious change! Here are 10 sorted hairstyles that would look fabulous with churidar kameez and can easily make heads turn. Here we go:

1. Elegant Side-Swept Waves

Side swept hair

If you are wearing a kameez featuring an embroidered collar or an embellished neckline, this is how you need to style your hair. However, make sure that you drape the dupatta just on the other shoulder.

Style Decoded:

  • Make a small side partition and add a little volume to the crown by backcombing the hair with a rattail comb.
  • Take a curling brush of wider barrel and curl up the hair starting right from the nape of the neck. It should give you large, fluffy curls, thereby giving your hair a beautiful wavy look.
  • Sweep all your hair onto the shoulder opposite to the partition and fix the style with some hairspray.

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2. Super Chic Rolled Up Bun

Top bun

When wearing a churidar kameez in a summer wedding party, this hairstyle can be your savior! It combines style and comfort just in right proportions.

Style Decoded:

  • Center-partition your hair and create volume on the top as well as the crown by backcombing gently.
  • Grab all the hair from both sides of your head and separate them from the hair at the back. There should three distinct sections in your hair now.
  • Roll the section of hair at the back into a bun and secure it a little above the middle.
  • Roll up the sections of side hair separately and then, wrap them around the previous bun together. Secure with hairpins and hairspray.

3. Smart And Trendy Straight

Bindaas straight hair

These days straight is ‘hot’ in fashion. If you have medium to long hair that is well-trimmed and not very fine, just go for it and win the style game with confidence!

Style Decoded:

  • Divide your hair into small sections and straighten each of them carefully with a straightening iron.
  • Take all of them together, apply a hair serum thoroughly, and comb down the straightened hair.
  • Add a little volume to your crown area and secure it with hair clips. Leave rest of the hair loose.

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4. Gorgeous Side Messy Bun

Side messy bun

If you are wearing a Chinese-collared kameez with your churidar, then this is the perfect hairstyle for you. Complete the look with chandelier earrings.

Style Decoded:

  • Make a side part and sweep all your hair to the other side. If you wish, make soft curls before you start.
  • Take a thick section from the front and pin it at the side loosely.
  • Now, make a loose messy bun hanging low at the same side and secure it by using a hairspray.

5. Backcombed Curls With Puff

Backcombed look

No other hairstyle can look as beautiful as this one with a classic Anarkali churidar. Keep your makeup and jewelry minimum with this hairstyle.

Style Decoded:

  • To start with, side-part your hair and create tight medium curls. If you have deep layers, let the curl in your front layer frame your face beautifully.
  • Backcomb the crown area to puff it up and secure the volume with some hair clips.
  • Let rest of your curls fall loosely on your shoulders.

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6. Sleek And Messy Ponytail

Messy ponytail

While wearing a super glamorous churidar kameez, keep rest of the style simple with this girl-next-door look. Do not forget to let the ponytail embrace your shoulder.

Style Decoded:

  • Apply some mousse to your hair and comb gently by running your fingers through it at the top and the crown areas.
  • Now, bring all your hair to the nape of the neck at one side and tie it into a ponytail.
  • Brush the ponytail carefully and apply a serum all over it.

7. Uber Stylish Side Braid

Side braid

Don’t know which hairstyle will suit your new embellished churidar-kameez? Try this simple loose side braid and you will stand apart from the crowd easily.

Style Decoded:

  • Start by creating a side part and pulling all your hair together to the other side of the neck.
  • Braid up the waves loosely or, if possible, make a highly feminine French braid.
  • Secure the end of the braid with a rubber band and let your fringe frame your face.

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8. Neatly Combed Low Bun

Combed low bun

If it is a traditional event and you are wearing a royal kameez with a broad neckline, choose this hairstyle over all other options without a second thought.

Style Decoded:

  • Apply loads of serum to your hair and make a neat center part.
  • Comb it backward away from your face and create a low bun just above the nape of your neck.
  • Secure it with hairpins and spritz some hairspray.

9. Pinned Back Loose Locks

Pinned back hair

A churidar kameez with a wonderfully designed neckline must be worn with a hairstyle like this. It is not only easy to create but also low in maintenance.

Style Decoded:

  • Make a small side partition and brush all your hair backward loosely.
  • Take a thick section from each side and secure them together at the back with a clip.

10. Graceful Braided Updo

Braided updo

Want to grab eyeballs at the next wedding party? Wear this hairstyle with your most cherished churidar kameez and adorn yourself with a pair of big jhumkas. This look will definitely have the onlookers go ga-ga over you!

Style Decoded:

  • Partition your hair at the center and let the fringes embrace your face gracefully.
  • Add lots of volume at the crown by backcombing the hair with a rattail comb. You can also insert an artificial bun under the backcombed hair and secure it with hairpins.
  • Braid up the rest of the hair and tie it with a rubber band.

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