How To Create A Braided Bun For A Stunning Desi Look?

What, according to you, is the ideal ‘desi gal’ look? Well, a ravishing saree, some traditional pieces of jewelry, subtle makeup…….and a stunning ‘braided bun’. Yes, a gorgeous ‘desi’ look remains incomplete without an effortlessly chic braided bun. Want to master this intricate hairstyle in a few easy steps? Dying to look oh-so-feminine this festive season? Keep reading:

Braided Bun

How To Create A Braided Bun

Get Your Locks Prepared

  1. Your first and foremost task would be to detangle your hair. It will make rest of your job smooth and easy. So, take a wide-tooth comb and get rid of all knots and frizzes.
  2. Now, texturize your hair. If you are styling your hair dry, simply mist the roots with some dry shampoo starting from behind the ears and going down gradually. This will absorb excess oil right away while adding texture and giving volume to your hair. On the other hand, if your locks are still wet, first apply a good volumizing spray. Then, blow-dry them with the help of a round brush. Adding texture to your hair will make styling a whole lot easier.
  3. Next, part your hair. Start with a basic side part and then make an ear-to-ear partition by using a rat tail comb. Keep two front sections aside by securing them with long hair clips. A center part will also do, but starting with a side part makes the braided bun look really elegant.
  4. Spritz a medium-hold hairspray along the length of your hair so that it remains manageable throughout the process and your bun gets a better hold at the end.

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Curl Up Your Locks

  1. As you already know, soft curls make a desi braided bun look amazingly sexy. Hence, before braiding up your locks, you have to curl them up. Start with brushing the unpinned hair left behind your part lightly.
  2. Divide the brushed hair into multiple sections and secure them with small hair clips. Make sure that none of the sections is thicker than 2-inches.
  3. Take a curling tong, curl up a single section of hair, roll it up, and secure the rolled hair with a hair clip. This will help your curl get a neat structure. Your curl will also last longer and look better this way.
  4. Repeat the step for all of the sections one by one. There should be no hair left loose behind your part. You will end up getting a head full of rolled hair pinned up tightly. Let it sit for a few minutes.
  5. Then, remove the hair clips and open the coiled sections of tonged hair very carefully so that the soft curls remain intact.
  6. Flip your head down and brush your curls out by running your fingers gently through them.
  7. Gather all your curls and secure them with a large hair clip behind your head.

Braided Bun

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Create Front Braids

  1. Now, it is time to braid up your locks. Remove the clip from the thicker section of hair at the front and split it into two sections. Pin the section near the part aside and leave the section lying along the hairline loose.
  2. Start making a messy French braid by twisting the loose front section. If you are yet to master a French braid, here is the step by step tutorial for you.
  3. Once you reach the end of the braid, secure it with a black hair elastic. Also, pull on the strands of the braid gently in order to make it a little looser. This will help in adding some volume to the braid as well as the front section of your hair.
  4. Unpin the section of hair lying near your part and repeat last two steps.
  5. Secure the ends of both of the French braids behind your head with bobby pins.
  6. Remove the clip from the thinner section of hair at the front and create a loose regular braid with it. If it looks too flat, simply pull on the strands and loosen a bit.
  7. Secure it with bobby pins behind your head.

Braided Bun

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Make A Sexy Bun

  1. Unpin your curls and take a small section right from your crown. You have to backcomb this crown hair with a light hand in order to add a good volume. Smoothen out the surface hair carefully.
  2. Secure the volumized hair with a few pins. You have just created a beautiful low bouffant for your bun hairstyle.
  3. Take all loose curls together and divide them into three sections of equal thickness. Make a loose braid and secure its end with a black hair elastic.
  4. Now, gently roll this braid into a low side bun and secure it at the nape of your neck with a handful of bobby pins.
  5. To add a romantic touch to your hairstyle, simply loosen a few curls and let them fall around your face softly.
  6. Finish off your look by spraying your braided bun with a medium-hold spray. Voila!

We really can’t hold ourselves back from giving this hairstyle a try. When are you going to give it a shot?

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