10 Most Flattering Hime Cut Hairstyles

‘Hime Cut’ or ‘Hime Katto’ is a well-known Japanese hairstyle. It is more commonly recognized as ‘princess cut’ throughout the country as well as rest of the world. Here, we have chosen 10 most flattering hime cut hairstyles for you:

1. Classic Hime Cut

A traditional hime hair cut consists of a long straight bunch of hair along with two sidelocks lying up to the jawline and a straight fringe set across the forehead. As you can see, the frontal fringe stops right above the eyebrows, while the long hair can go up to the waistline or even more.

Classic Hime Cut

2. Ultra Black Hime

If you are a true hime lover, this ultra black haircut will certainly amaze you. The gleaming texture of the locks can easily give you a glamorous appearance. On the other hand, the slightly bent structure of the fringes adds an extra zing to it.

Ultra Black Hime

3. Baby Doll Hime

Well, this cute hime hairstyle is not only meant for your little princess. You can also sport it stylishly if you have a round to oval face and a comparatively shorter hair. Just do not let your sidelocks cross your cheekbones. Choose a subtle hair color for maintaining an innocent look.

Baby Doll Hime

4. Long Straight Hime

Here is another beautiful hime hair cut which is basically a slightly modified form of the classic hime cut. Even though most of the hair is kept long and straight in this style, the sidelocks are made a little longer than usual. A perfect choice for women with triangular face shape, right?

Long Straight Hime

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5. Long Wavy Hime

Straight hair is a vital feature of a hime cut. But what about breaking the rule and going wavy while still maintaining the all other characteristics of a hime? Check out this long wavy hairstyle and get inspired! The cute ‘V’ shape and the soft waves have made the style outstanding.

Long Wavy Hime

6. Light Brown Hime

Those who want to wear a hime cut but dislike its sharpness should go for this distinct hairstyle. The curved fringes, the shoulder-length sidelocks, and the smooth arched junction of those two are some of the specialties of this haircut.

Light Brown Hime

7. Curly Blonde Hime

So you are a blonde beauty having amazing natural curls. Don’t worry. You can opt for a hime cut too. The following picture will give you an idea about how you will look on a curly blonde hime. Sexy and super stylish should be its definition, isn’t it?

Curly Blonde Hime

8. Silky Shiny Hime

A dark brown hair featuring utmost glossiness can turn out to be a great choice for hime cut. If you have long straight silky hair that looks polished as well as sparkling, just choose a dark brown shade for it and cut it into three parts – frontal fringes, sidelocks and long back tresses.

Silky Shiny Hime

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9. Thick Stylish Hime

This is another cool and chic modification of traditional hime cut. As you can see, the straight fringes have been replaced by side bangs in this particular hairstyle. Also, starting from the sidelocks, rest of the hair is cut into thick layers.

Thick Stylish Hime

10. Highlighted Curly Hime

And here is the last one – the super curly hime with striking highlights. The curly locks and the side-swept fringes have given the classic haircut a modern edge. Make sure that you highlight some of your hair strands with a bright shade and accessorize your hair properly.

Highlighted Curly Hime

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