12 Best Hairstyles For Gym To Get A Trendy, Workout-Ready Look

What does a gym session mean to you? Is it all about moving in full swing and getting sweat to achieve your fitness goal? Think beyond it, ladies! You do not need to compromise with your styling habits while getting rid of some serious calories. Rather, there are ways to look like a sweaty chic with some killer hairstyles when you are exercising vigorously. We tell you how. Check out 12 best hairstyles for gym that will inspire you to look stylish throughout those hours:

  1. Short Textured Bob

We know you are busy, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to compromise with your styling sense. For a busy-bee like you, this short bob with lots of texture can give a ‘workout-ready’ look anytime and every time. It is also quite perfect for the exercises that are physically demanding.

Short Textured Bob

  1. Messy Ponytail

Workout and ponytail have a strong relationship since ages. A pony is simple, easy and beautiful. But do you know what makes it even more attractive? A little mess! Tease the crown, create voluminous waves, and let a couple of strands frame your face. Just the right thing for a high-impact gym session!

Messy Ponytail

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  1. Sleek Neat Pony

If messy is not your thing, go perfectly neat with this sleek low pony. The best thing about this hairstyle is that it suits each and every occasion easily. Needless to say, wearing such a smooth and silky pony will raise your confidence level and keep you motivated all through a calorie-burning power workout.

Sleek Neat Pony

  1. Classy French Braid

While confused, go classic. Nothing can make you look more chic than a traditional yet stylish French braid when you are running on that treadmill or doing a cardio. For a rigorous workout session, keep your braid tighter. Otherwise, loosen it a bit for a messier finish.

Classy French Braid

  1. Five-Strand Braid

Sophistication and strenuous exercising can go hand in hand if you pull it off the right way and this five strand braid is an ideal example of it. You can certainly whip yourself into the perfect shape while looking effortlessly glamorous in this single plait with as many as 5 strands.

Five-Strand Braid

  1. Cornrow Braid

How to look like a true bombshell while working out your way to fitness? Just have a look at this cornrow braid and you will get the answer. These immaculately braided cornrows will prevent your hair from getting messy at the gym and exude style and grace at the same time.

Cornrow Braid

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  1. Low Tight Bun

You already know why this hairstyle is in this list, don’t you? A tight low bun needs zero maintenance even when you are getting absolutely sweaty in the gym. Moreover, the sheer perfection and oozing glamor make it a time-tested favorite of elegant exercisers.

Low Tight Bun

  1. Half-Up Bun

Whether you have a bad hair day or a bad hair decision, manage both of them with a simple half-up bun. Wearing your half up and half down will give you a nice sporty look, which you can’t help but love. You can keep the hair straight or wavy in the section flowing over your back.

Half-Up Bun

  1. Bantu Knots

Spare the loud makeup and jewelry as Rihanna is here to inspire you with her exclusive Bantu knots. What can be more suitable than this hairstyle when you are totally into exercising and want nothing to come in your way, not even your hair?

Bantu Knots

  1. Cute Pom Pom

Move your eyes from that huge pair of hula hoop earring and look at those super cute pom pom buns. Precisely said, these are quite a smart and sports-friendly version of regular pigtails. Don’t you think it a great gym hair inspiration for beauties with natural curls?

Cute Pom Pom

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  1. Super Tight Curls

Want to sport a fuss-free hairstyle during your sweat session? All you need to do is to embrace your natural curls and tighten them up. A head full of super tight and bouncy curls can make you look damn smart anytime. So why don’t rock it to your gym too?

Super Tight Curls

  1. Gym Waves

They are not for wearing only at beaches and you need to give this style a try when getting ready to sweat off some fat around your waistline too. However, create soft waves rather than the beachy ones and restrict it from falling on your eyes by putting on a sweaty band. Quite a smart and trendy way to look gorgeous, no?

Gym Waves

Now you have learned as many as 12 sleek hairstyles for your regular workout. These are sure to make your gym sessions more fun and fashionable. You neither need to be an expert stylist nor have to spend a lot of time practicing these. Rather, you can wear the hairstyles anytime and rock those effortlessly.

So, are you feeling inspired? Which one of these are you going to try this week?

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