10 Benefits of Vitamin E Capsules on Skin and Hair

Vitamin E is a prescribed prevalent antioxidant, recommended by cosmetologists and trichologist, over the years. It’s an ingredient, you will also find in many cosmetic products designed for better skin and healthy hair. Here are benefits, that will tell you why you should include Vitamin E Capsules, in your daily routine of healthy lifestyle, for exuberant skin and fabulous hair.

Vitamin E Capsule
1.  Supporting Agent for Natural Sunscreen, to block UV Rays
It may not completely be a replacement to your sunscreen but eating in your recommended Vitamin E capsule dose, will definitely protect you from the UV rays and keep your skin from drying, if you are likely to head out for some sun, sand and surf or a plain outing.

2. Prevents Ageing and Dark Spots
Vitamin E is known to act as a natural agent to prevent new lines from appearing on the face. It aids in production of elastin and collagen, which help in maintaining the elasticity of the skin. Vitamin E capsules work very well in clearing wrinkles and dark spots, over due course of time.

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3. Aids in Brightening the Skin
These capsules, help in producing new red blood cells. We all know, how red blood cells are oxygen carriers in the body and keeping the blood vessels healthy is of utmost importance, to have a clear skin. The cleaner your blood vessels, the more your skin will look bright and glowing.


Stretch Marks4. Rid yourself of Stretch Marks and Scars

Ouch! Are you embarrassed to cloth in your favourite dresses with the stretch marks or scars showing? Vitamin E Capsules works as a great remedial in healing skin diseases and ailments. The way to get rid of them is to cut them halve, apply them over the stretch-marked or scarred area, they will eventually fade away in its due course of time.

5.  Say No to Dry Skin
Vitamin E works wonders on chapped lips or dry areas of the body. It prevents water retention, keeping the skin moist, whilst harmonizing the oil levels. Use the capsule, again like I mentioned earlier, in the prescribed dose, as a supplement or develop your own beauty moisturizers or skin serum using the power of this ingredient. Make sure you have the right recipe before you delve in to making the product.

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Benefits of Vitamin E Capsules for the Hair

Your beauty is incomplete without the mention of your beautiful hair or as they popularly say, your hair are a reflection of beautiful you. If you are competing for healthy hair, Vitamin E Capsules are your source to reckon with and we list the benefits here, stating why .

6. Keep Split-Ends at Bay

Split-ends are the first sign of damaged hair, easily noticeable to any. They make the roots really dry and lifeless and pointy. To repair them, cut the capsule in halve, extract the oil and apply the oil in combination with your other massaging oils. Make sure to massage your hair from the scalp to the ends with your fingers. Supplements of Vitamin E, improve the blood circulation in your body and scalp and in turn enhance the life of your hair, resulting in lively hair minus the split ends.

7.  Induce Healthy Hair Growth

Vitamin E Capsule, ensure clean blood vessels and healthy flow of oxygen in the body. Be sure that the scalp is likely to benefit of the blood flow that reaches the head, ensuring strong and smooth hair growth.

8.  Retain the natural colour of your Hair, Adios grey Hair

Vitamin E is an important constituent in anti-ageing creams and products. Reason being its nature to prevent oxidization and maintain healthy body tissues. Body Tissues are responsible for the ageing process and if they are healthy, you need worry about ageing at all.

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9.  Add sheen and shine

Oil is to hair what food is to body. A regular practice of oiling hair results in better hair volume, growth and shine. However, sometimes simply oiling is not the solution. Our hair too needs a varied nutrients to maintain the health. Vitamin E constitutes of eight different types of chemicals, when they all come together in their natural form, they provide exceptional results. Add a Vitamin E Capsule, to your hair routine, to bring on the sheen and shine, you have always desired.

10. Discard the Dryness

Repeated exposure to heat and chemicals, make the hair frail and dry. Vitamin E supplements, avert water loss in the body, working as a natural moisturiser and hydrator.

This ingredient is pot full of goodness for skin and hair if used in its pure form. Be sure, to use this capsule in prescribed dosage to avoid any allergies or breakouts. If it suits you, there is nothing better than a natural form beauty booster for hair and skin, right?

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