Expert Review: Evion 400 Capsule For Skin And Hair

When it comes to choosing the most effective vitamin E supplements, Evion 400 capsules easily top the list. You must have already heard about this simple soft gel capsules and its skin and hair benefits. In this post, we are going to reveal the truth about its efficacy.

Evion 400 Capsule For Skin And Hair

About Evion 400 Tablet

  • Manufacturer: Merck Limited
  • Generic Name: Vitamin E
  • Brand Name: Evion
  • Strength: 400 mg.
  • Formulation: Soft Gel Capsule
  • Net Amount: 10 capsules
  • Price: 18.60
  • Shelf life: 27 months
  • Availability: Easily available both offline and online


Each soft gelatin capsule contains:

  • Tocopheryl Acetate (vitamin E) IP – 400 mg
  • Colours in capsule shell – Tartrazine, Brilliant Blue FCF
  • Preservatives in capsule shell – Methylparaben IP, Propylparaben IP

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Store in a cool, dry and dark place.

Look And Feel

Evion 400 mg comes in a square-shaped plastic strip of 10 capsules. The packaging looks pretty similar to other oral medications available in the market. The silver-colored strip with transparent capsule chambers has its logo (Evion 400 IU) printed all over its upper surface. The backside of the strip contains all necessary information regarding the supplement including its strength, composition, dosage, storage, Batch No., Date of manufacturing, Date of Expiry, and M.R.P. The capsules are basically soft gel capsules that are bright green in color. In other words, the outer covers of the capsules are made of gelatin (a type of animal protein) while the liquid vitamin E content is present inside. If you prick the capsule body with a sharp pin, a heavy, sticky, super oily, and transparent liquid will come out of it, which can be used either directly or along with various skin and hair care products. The soft gel form of the supplement makes it easy to swallow.


What Does It Claim?

“Evion caps are indicated for the therapeutic management of noctural muscle cramps, intermittent claudication and fibrocystic breast disease. Also useful in the reduction of risk of Coronoary Artery Disease (CAD). Vit E supplementation is also found to be beneficial in male infertility. Evion is also indicated as a dietary supplement, in malabsorption syndromes and in those who are on a diet rich in PUFA.”

What Does It Offer?

Though the vitamin supplement claims to provide a number of health benefits, we will be focusing only on its usage for skin and hair. The best thing about Evion 400 mg is that it contains pure vitamin E with no unnecessary and harmful fillers. Hence, using it regularly in moderation will provide our body with the much needed antioxidant vitamin in suffice. It is one of the best ways to meet your daily recommended allowance of vitamin E, thereby preventing its deficiency. When taken orally, these capsules can battle damaging free radicals present in our body, which keeps us healthy and eventually makes our skin and hair look naturally beautiful. Here is a list of skin and hair benefits offered by Evion 400:

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  1. Oral intake or topical application of the capsule content can prevent our skin and cells from getting damaged by free oxidative radicals.
  2. It protects our skin from the damages caused by the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun.
  3. It helps our skin avert premature aging to a great extent. Regular use of vitamin E can promote cell regeneration, which gives us a youthful look naturally.
  4. It penetrates the skin and goes deep into it to provide ultimate hydration. Therefore, the dry skin becomes soft, smooth, and perfectly moisturized.
  5. It makes dull skin look fresh, supple, and absolutely healthy.
  6. The appearance of scar tissues can be reduced significantly by using vitamin E.
  7. It helps in healing wounds, burns, and even the marks left by them.
  8. The antioxidant properties of vitamin E stimulate blood circulation throughout our scalp, which is vital for healthy and proper growth of locks.
  9. It is an amazing solution for repairing damaged hair.
  10. Regular usage of vitamin E on hair can make it smooth, shiny, and gorgeous.

Dosage And Administration

One capsule daily or as directed by the physician.

Contraindications And Interactions

Hypersensitivity to vitamin E, allergic reactions, certain drugs (Dicumarol, Warfarin, etc.), etc.

Side Effects

Side effects are extremely rare after administration of relatively large doses of vitamin E. However, large doses (more than 400 units a day) can lead to allergic reactions (hives, rashes, swelling, shortness of breath), burning / tingling sensation, contact dermatitis, bruising, headache, dizziness, lightheadedness, blurred vision, fatigue, bleeding gums, thrombophlebitis, creatinuria, increase in cholesterol and triglycerides, hormonal imbalance, gonadal dysfunction, breast soreness, nausea, diarrhoea, intestinal cramps, angular stomatitis, lethargy, muscle weakness, emotional disturbances, growth of white hair. If any of these occur, check with your doctor immediately. These effects are known to be reversed after stopping vitamin E administration.

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Tips And Warning

  • Mix the content of Evion 400 with a little olive oil to reduce stickiness and increase efficacy.
  • Always go for a patch test before using the vitamin supplement regularly.
  • Make sure that you consult your doctor before using the drug. Tell him / her about all medications, supplements, or products you are using currently.
  • Do not hide your pre-existing diseases, present health conditions, upcoming surgery, etc. from your doctor during consultation.

Verdict: Evion 400 is an amazing natural solution for a number of skin and hair concerns. It is one of the best vitamin E supplements you can ever get and hence, you should certainly keep it in your beauty bag to get naturally healthy skin and hair.


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