Micropigmentation- All about Permanent Makeup

Cosmetics help you enhance your best features and look beautiful but applying make-up is not feasible for everyone especially if you have allergy towards cosmetics or some kind of skin condition which does not permit you to apply makeup. So for all of them there is literally a permanent solution and that is micropigmentation.


Micropigmentation is called the permanent makeup; it is basically cosmetic tattooing and is getting popular in the beauty industry.  The word permanent makeup is not entirely true however it comes with long-lasting results and little downtime.

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Candidate for Micropigmentation:

Micropigmentation is an art of implanting color into your skin. In this treatment, specialized instruments are used that allow your micropigmentation professional to apply color into the layer of your skin. This is a cosmetic invasive procedure which requires skill, experience as well as cooperation with your permanent makeup professional.

The candidates who can opt for micropigmentation procedure are:

  • If you are seeking to enhance your eyebrow or lips
  • If you have uneven hairline
  • If you are allergic to make-up
  • If you wear glasses or contact lenses or have had Lasik surgery
  • If you like a natural “no makeup” looks
  • Difficulty in applying makeup or just because you don’t like the way it smears and disappears

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Who can perform micropigmentation?

  • Well, first thing is you are doing this to enhance your features; therefore you do not want to do this treatment to be done through someone not trained for it. Make sure you find a specialist who performs this procedure with your best interest in mind.
  • Communicate with your doctor and ask all your queries openly with the doctor.
  • The doctor will need to know your medical history to check if you have any medical condition that could interfere in the treatment.

The doctor will do a complete evaluation of your skin tone, complexion, texture etc.

Micropigmentation Before & After

Micropigmentation-the procedure:

  • Micropigmentation procedure is generally done in the office setting.
  • A pen-like instrument or standard tattoo gun will be typically used in the procedure
  • The procedure will take place in very less time probably just about 20 minutes.
  • If the doctor does this treatment for you under anesthesia, then you may require arriving bit early for the process. Tattooing or micropigmentation procedure is done with a needle that penetrates into the skin and then the pigment will be released into the hole.
  • Post this procedure, the doctor will provide you with an antiseptic in order to cleanse the treated region.


  • You will be able to go home on the same day post the procedure
  • The doctor will advise you on how many times you will require putting ice on the area and what type of ointment you need to apply to the area.
  • It usually takes about three weeks for the color to fade into its permanent shade.

Side effects and Complications:

  • Post the procedure, the color will be dark as well as shiny and the tissue around the area will be red and swollen.
  • Complications are not many however there are chances of infection or allergic reactions to the tattoo dye.

Post the micropigmentation procedure; contact the doctor if you experience the following reactions:

  • If you develop a high temperature or rash
  • If you experience excessive swelling’
  • If the area feels excessively hot or burns

Cost of Micropigmentation procedure:

The cost of the treatment will be approximately around the below given price, it differs from place to place.

  • Lip liner- $400.00
  • Lip Liner + Full lip- $475.00
  • Brows- $400.00
  • Lower eye- $325.00
  • Eyeliner (top and bottom) – $428.00

Micropigmentation can last for a long time but definitely not forever. You will have to do a follow up touch-ups every couple of years later. The darker the color applied, the longer it will stay on your skin. Natural as well as soft colors are vulnerable to swimming, sun as well as the breakdown by the body’s natural response.

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