Consume Peach Fruits to Obtain a Peachy-looking Complexion

The peaches arrive with the monsoons in India, which is roughly around June for the rest of the world. If you have not been tempted by these deliciously juicy, wonderfully succulent and splendidly aromatic fruits before, well, be tempted now! The more you gorge on them, the healthier your skin will look. Outlined below, are the many ways in which these seasonal fruits will benefit your overall look.

Removes Dryness

Dry skin looks ugly! It needs to remain moist and supple always. Regular, albeit moderate consumption of medium-sized peaches, containing all manner of minerals (potassium, phosphorus, copper, etc), vitamins, and anti-oxidants (lutein, zeaxanthin, etc) [1], suffices to keep the skin well moisturized.

These luscious fruits are great for removing dead skin cells and regenerating skin tissues too. However, if you are not too fond of gorging on them, you may go in for ‘application’ processes. To begin with, make a paste of the pulp inside the fruit. Now, combine it with yogurt. After you have blended the ingredients well, spread the mixture all over your skin. Focus more on excessively dry areas. Let it stay on for some time, prior to rinsing your skin with lukewarm water. Do this regularly, and you should enjoy the sight of moist, supple and smooth skin soon enough!

Peach For Skin

Then again, you may like to utilize the fruit’s juice directly. In fact, it would be great to include it in your skin care regimen, specifically if your skin exhibits an oily texture. Peach juice is not for dry skins alone. You will love to feel the softness of your glowing skin after some days!

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Exfoliates and Moisturizes

Studies [2] have shown that both, fresh and canned peaches contain healthy amounts of vitamins A, E and C. What can vitamin C do for your skin? It is a great anti-oxidant. Naturally, it ensures that your skin cells remain free from oxidative damage caused by harmful free radicals. How does it do it? It cleanses the surface of your skin by removing all the dry and dead cells, which have accumulated over it. You may consider it as a splendid exfoliator!

Just to let you know, free radicals refer to unstable ions (electrically charged particles) that befriend the oxygen atoms in your body, thereby causing all manner of havoc. The increasing formation of free radicals may be attributed escalating pollution levels in the environment, radiation, usage of herbicides, spread of cigarette smoke, etc.

Whenever you decide to apply a fruity mask over your face, think of peach slices! Move them vigorously all over the face. Let the juicy stuff remain over your face for some time. Finally, wash your face with lukewarm water. As soon as the underlying cells receive nourishment, they respond by providing a superb glow to your visage!

When combined with vitamin A and the rich quantity of water in the fruit, vitamin C becomes even more dynamic in its functioning! Make peaches a regular part of your diet, and watch the compliments come pouring in! Yes, moist and elastic skin always adds to the overall charm of a person! At the same time, do not go overboard in your consumption of these ‘tempting’ fruits. Remain moderate in your eating habits. Sometimes, you may go in for a topical application of peach pulp.

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Controls Premature Aging

Now, there cannot be a single person in the world, who does not like to retain her youthful looks forever! Therefore, if you desire to keep the signs of aging, especially premature signs, befriend the peaches. The signs become even more prominent, when you prefer to remain outdoors more than preferring to remain indoors. Sometimes, this habit takes a more dangerous turn, which is, activating the formation of cancer cells. Scientists, therefore, are exploring the possibilities of using peaches to fight some types of skin cancer too.

Dark Circles

It is once again the anti-oxidants, especially vitamin C or ascorbic acid that come into play here. They refuse to let free radicals cause too much of damage to your skin, both, from within and without. You may rest assured that these anti-oxidants will go all out to see that they remain stable and do not harm you in any way. As a result, you will be able to witness the premature signs of aging decrease on your face. As the age spots, fine lines, blemishes, dark circles under the eyes, dark spots, or wrinkles, gradually disappear, your skin will feel as if it has been reborn! It is no wonder then that peach forms an essential ingredient for face masks that prevent aging. Your tired-looking skin is replaced by fresh-looking and tightened skin!

Gain Protection from Mr. Sun

You cannot allow the fear of becoming sunburned or suffering from other skin issues, to keep you from venturing outside. Mr. Sun is bound to hover over you and everyone else, throughout the day. He will not only shine powerfully, but also direct harmful ultraviolet rays towards the earth! The potassium, beta carotene, selenium and magnesium, along with vitamins K, A and C, will help you remain harm-free.

In case, you do become a victim of sunburn, you may boil a peach first, before mashing it thoroughly with the aid of a fork. Next, apply this mixture to your face. After allowing it to remain for some time, wash your face with lukewarm water.

Even the peel of the peach fruit is useful. You may use it for giving your skin a thorough cleansing, specifically after returning from the outdoors.

Get the Healing Touch

As mentioned several times earlier, the peach fruit seems to be an all-rounder. You should be able to find all kinds of useful nutrients within it, including minerals, proteins, etc. As a result, if you make this fruit your best friend, you should have no difficulty in recovering from cuts, wounds, lacerations, etc. The building blocks called proteins, within the fruit, serve to initiate tissue repair. Towards this end, whenever you are trying to heal a painful injury, you may rub the pulp of the fruit all over the wound/cut. However, be gentle in your movements, for there is bound to be pain and irritation.

Consumption of peaches on a regular basis should suffice to enhance your internal immunity, thereby keeping various skin infections at bay. This is because they serve to flush out all the toxins that have accumulated in your body over the years. Many members of the medical fraternity advise the consumption of oranges to enhance the functioning of the immune system. However, if you are not too keen on oranges, you may consider peaches as a marvellous alternative. You need not even worry about putting on weight, for they are low-calorie fruits. You will only gain 70 calories at each serving, especially if you go for fresh fruits, rather than dried ones.

Miscellaneous Tips

You are well aware that the skin forms a protective covering for the entire body. Therefore, you will need to focus on the face, as well as the rest of the body too. You may try a recipe, which will serve as a scrub for both, the face and the entire body.

At the outset, get together certain ingredients. Peel and pit a ripe peach (preferably organic). The other materials are half-a-tablespoon of oil (olive, coconut or almond), half-a-tablespoon of raw and warm honey (organic) and a tablespoon of brown sugar.

Put the peach in a blender/food processor, for pureeing. If necessary, you may add a little water too. When done, transfer the pureed peach to a bowl. Pour in the other ingredients. Mix well. Pour into an airtight bottle. You may store this recipe for a week in the refrigerator.

When you are ready to use it, take some of the scrub in your hand and apply it to the face, neck, and/or body. Use circular motions for spreading the mixture onto the skin. In case, you need more brown sugar, you may add it, for you desire to exfoliate your skin. Let the scrub remain on your face for five minutes or so. Then, use a warm washcloth to rinse it off. Finally, apply moisturizer over your skin.

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This recipe is useful for all skin types. Go for a test patch if you have super-sensitive skin!

[1] Ensle, K. (2015). Health Benefits of Peaches: A Delicious Summer Fruit. Rutgers: The State University of New Jersey, p.1

[2], Robert W Dursta and George W Weaverb  (2011). Nutritional content of fresh and canned peaches

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