Hair Fall? – 7 Ways Eucalyptus Oil Can Help You Forget It

Hair fall is one of the biggest issues these days. From a kid to an aged person, the problem is common to almost each and everyone. However, you can prevent your hair from falling frequently by using the essential oil extracted from eucalyptus leaves. Yes, there are a number of ways eucalyptus oil can help you curb down excessive hair loss. Here are 7 of them:

Eucalyptus Oil

1. Simple Massage with Eucalyptus oil

A weekly Eucalyptus oil massage is the easiest way to put a stop to hair fall. Warm a little oil and massage the scalp and the hair with it thoroughly. Do this before going to bed so that you can leave it for the whole night. Next morning, wash your hair with a mild shampoo and apply a conditioner. It will give you a clean and healthy scalp, which will eventually lead to less hair fall and promote the growth of new hair.

2.  Eucalyptus Oil Added to Organic Shampoo

Pick a good organic shampoo and add 8 to 10 drops of this medicinal herb extract to that. Mix well and then use it onto your hair in a regular manner. This shampoo will drive away dandruff, which is a major cause behind excessive hair fall, and you will get back your healthy hair in a few days.

3. Mixture of Eucalyptus Oil and Olive Oil

Prepare a mixture by combining olive oil with eucalyptus oil and warm it up. Now, apply the oil mixture to both your hair and scalp and wrap up your entire head with a towel so that your hair is covered completely. After 20-25 minutes, unwrap the towel and wash the mixture with fresh cold water. It will cleanse your scalp so that your hair roots are stimulated to produce as well as hold healthy hair fibers.

4. Mixture of Eucalyptus Oil and Almond Oil

When it comes to treating severe hair loss, you need something more than regular coconut oil massage. Make your own hair oil by mixing eucalyptus oil and almond oil together and heating the mixture a bit. Massaging your hair regularly with this oil blend will give you stronger, smoother and silkier locks. As a result, you will experience significantly lesser hair fall.

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5. Mixture of Eucalyptus Oil, Castor Oil and Rosemary Oil

To prepare this mixture, you have to pour some castor oil into the eucalyptus oil and add a few drops of rosemary oil to it. Now, blend them all together to form a super effective oil mixture. Warm it up and use onto your hair. Cover your hair fully with a towel and let the oil sit for at least half an hour. Finally, rinse with a mild shampoo and apply a good conditioner.

6. Eucalyptus Oil and Lemon Juice Hair Pack

Opt for a pack containing eucalyptus oil and lemon juice to promote an overall health of your scalp and hair. Take some eucalyptus oil in a bowl and squeeze the juice of a lemon into it. Heat up the mixture so that it becomes lukewarm. Now, apply this onto your scalp and massage gently with your fingertips up to 15 minutes. It will boost the blood flow all through the scalp and make the hair shafts stronger to curb down hair fall.

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7. Eucalyptus Oil and Hibiscus Flower Hair Pack

Make another hair pack by mixing eucalyptus oil and hibiscus flowers. Firstly, turn the flowers into a smooth paste, by boiling them in plain water. Keep the boiled water aside once you are done with straining the boiled flowers. Now, pour a little eucalyptus oil into the flowers and blend well. Apply this pack on your hair and wash it off with the boiled water after half an hour. This procedure combines the goodness of both hibiscus and eucalyptus oil. As a result, our hair fall reduces greatly.

So, try these eucalyptus oil treatments at your home and say ‘NO’ to hair fall.

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