8 Sure Shot Ways to Fix Greasy Hair Instantly

We all face times when managing greasy limp hair seems extremely difficult to us, especially when we actually need to look beautiful and gorgeous. It is not always possible to wash and shampoo the hair whenever it turns oily. Hence, knowing some quick fixes is of utmost importance for each and every girl. Let us help you with following 8 solutions for greasy hair:

Fix Greasy Hair Instantly

1. Dry Shampoo

Let us start with the latest addition in the list of quick fixes for greasy, limp hair. Yes, we are talking about the very effective dry shampoo, which needs to be applied to the roots of the hair from a distance of nearly 30 cm. Make sure that you do not weigh the locks down by using too much of it and run your fingers through the strands to spread it nicely. Just keep a bottle handy and you are all set to bid goodbye to your oily hair in minutes.

2. Clarifying Shampoo

You indulge in the best products available in the market and spend a lot of time in cleaning and washing your precious locks. But no matter how much effort you put in taking care of your hair, you may end up developing oil and grease build-ups on your scalp, thereby weighing your hair down eventually. A clarifying shampoo can help you instantly in such situation and by making your scalp squeaky clean. Get ready to embrace fresh and grease-free tresses.

3. Talcum Powder

Using talcum powder as an immediate fix for greasy hair is probably the simplest as well as easiest choice that you can make. Just dust your favorite talc to the roots of the greasy locks and it will absorb the extra oil right away. However, you must brush the powder through your hair so that it doesn’t give you a weird look. Regular face powder or gentle baby powder can also be good substitutes of it.

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4. Subtle Perfume

Being filled with alcohol, perfumes are highly effective in providing fast relief from greasy, flat hair. Just hold the bottle at a distance of 2 to 3 inches from the roots of your locks and spritz well. Then, run your fingers through them in order blend the product nicely into the roots. However, always use a perfume with subtle aroma that can serve the purpose of a hair freshener too. Or else, your hair will smell awkward.

Fix Greasy Hair Instantly

5. Astringent or Toner

Go for some inexpensive toner or astringent that comes with high percentage of alcohol. It will work just like the perfume and help you get rid of greasiness efficiently. You can either spray some toner on your hair roots or apply it onto the scalp with the help of a cotton ball.

6. Cornflour

Cornflour is known to be the most effective natural dry shampoo. When sprinkled on the roots of greasy limp hair, it absorbs additional oil and residue from the scalp immediately. Do not forget to brush your hair properly after using it. This will help you dust off the excess amount from your scalp.

Fix Greasy Hair Instantly

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7. Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizers also contain a good amount of alcohol, which plays a key role in fighting against greasy unattractive hair. Use a small cotton ball or simply your fingers to apply it on the rots of your locks and massage for a few minutes gently. It will get evaporated over time leaving fresh beautiful hair.

8. Paper Towels

It may sound absurd, but paper towels can actually help you blot away oil and grease from your hair. Take the locks in multiple small sections and rub it very gently between tow paper towels. It is a temporary but effective solution.

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