How To Get Rid Of Dry Skin Between Eyebrows

Does the dry skin between your eyebrows spoil the look of your face? Is this dryness causing irritation and skin flaking also? Then don’t take it lightly, you should treat it at an early stage itself to avoid any serious repercussions.

Dry Skin Between Eyebrows

If you ignore the drying of your skin near the eyebrows, thinking that it shall subside on its own, then you are being ignorant. You may never realise that when the dryness shall spread to other areas of your face. It can easily spread to your nose and ears and when you decide to act, it might be too late.

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You can treat this at early stage with some natural remedies and need not go for medicinal cure.

4 Ways To Cure Skin Dryness Between Eyebrows

Many a times, the dryness may be caused due to imbalanced diet intake. So to cure it permanently you should include lot of fruits and vegetable in your diet. A healthy diet can cure all the disorders permanently. So apart from the other remedies suggested, a proper balanced diet is must.

1. Try Exfoliation:


You can exfoliate your skin with natural scrubs so as to keep it hydrated and moist. You can use honey or yogurt scrubs over the area. Do a gentle massage regularly on the given area. Due to this your dead skin will also be replenished with new one and there will not be more of skin flaking. For best results repeat it regularly and always moisturise the dry area with lotions.

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2. Cocoa Butter Cure:

vanilla cocoa butter
You can also apply a thin layer of cocoa butter on the affected area to get rid of the dryness. Cocoa butter has excellent hydrating qualities and can easily smooth your affected area. It is advised, that you avoid applying huge quantities of cocoa butter, because it can make the area greasy and there are chances of acne sprouting from them. Also make sure you do not mix any other ingredient with it.

3. Massage With Special Oils:

Vitamin E Capsule

You may find that some special kinds of oils like almond oil or coconut oils which are filled with vitamin E are also helpful. You can massage with oils regularly at night and can find the dryness vanishing slowly. Apart from dryness massage with such oils can also prevent wrinkles.

4.  Keep The Area Clean:

It is also important that you keep the area clean. Many women apply bindi on their forehead between the eyebrows all day. Such a bindi can not only take away skin moisture but also make your skin flaky. So after you remove your bindi make sure you clean the area with proper cleanser so as to avoid any side effects. Also you should use bindis which are if well-known brand only.

These simple remedies can help you in removing the itching and irritating dryness from your skin. However, if you find no results after 1-2 weeks, your should meet your dermatologist and seek medicinal help.

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