Homemade Vinegar and Lemon Foot Soak Recipe

Foot bath has many benefits. It soothes the aching feet, softens the dry feet, stimulate the pressure points. When it comes to foot soaks, most of us normally think about hot water soak. Foot soaks generally invigorates the tired feet and reduces the pain. Have you ever thought about rejuvenating and detoxifying foot soak? The secret ingredients of a multi-faceted foot soak are vinegar and lemon!

Many of us have a bottle of vinegar in our kitchen. The multi-purpose kitchen ingredient is a healing agent too! Vinegar, in fact has been used for years as an analgesic and an antifungal medicine. Needless to say, how to use the lemons! Lemon is a very versatile citrus fruit that is loaded with plenty of healing properties. Combination of these two super ingredients will give you a detoxifying, refreshing foot soak!

Homemade Vinegar and Lemon Foot Soak Recipe

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How vinegar and lemon works?

Foot is often exposed to fungal infection, called athlete’s foot. Infected foot tends to scale and cause mild to severe itchiness. In spite of getting the special treatments of chemical foot baths available in the marketplace, you can rely on a simple kitchen ingredient, Vinegar!

Vinegar and lemon are acidic in nature. The acidic properties help healing the foot problems. Dry feet, hard skin on the feet, fungus on the toenails, flaky skin, smelly feet, etc can be healed by vinegar and lemon.

Vinegar and Lemon Foot Soak Recipe – DIY

Ingredients you need:

  • One cup white vinegar
  •  Two medium size fresh lemons
  • 3 liters of water (lukewarm water is recommended)

Grate the lemon zest from two lemons. Add the grated lemon zest in around half a liter of water and boil it. Boil the remaining quantity of water separately. Switch off the gas once the water comes to boil. Let it rest until it becomes lukewarm water.

Add one cup white vinegar to the lukewarm water. You may use bucket or a bath tub to rest your feet. Squeeze the lemon and add the juice it to the water. Finally, add the lemon zest water!

Soak the feet until the water turns cool. The vinegar and lemon foot soak recipe smells delicious, because of the lemon zest.

Lemon zest is also optional. Since not many love the smell of vinegar, you can add lemon zest!

Things to note:

  • You can try with hot water as long as the water doesn’t harm your feet.
  • It is good to use fresh lemons. You cannot grate the zest out of lemon if it is not fresh.
  • You may also consider using apple cider vinegar
  • Duration: 20 to 30 minutes.

The best time to try this foot soak is at night before you go to bed. Still, there is no hard and fast rule about getting this detoxifying foot bath! Besides a good remedy for tired feet, it works best for those who wake up with ankle pain! The foot bath rejuvenates and soothes the feet! It helps you sleep tight.

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Now, let us see a few more versions of vinegar and lemon foot soak with additional ingredients.

You can add a handful of Epsom salt to the boiling water if you suffer from immense pain. Besides, adding a pinch of baking soda to lemon and vinegar foot soak cleanses the foot, removes the impurities!

If you can, add a drop or two of aromatic oils like lavender oil, or even dried lavender for enhanced soothing.

What should you do after foot soak?

  • You may scrub your feet after enjoying the refreshing lemon and vinegar foot soak.
  • Make sure to pat your foot dry.
  • Don’t forget to apply some moisturizer.

Vinegar and lemon foot soak recipe is an inexpensive (costs you nothing if you already have vinegar and lemon at your home), convenient and effective DIY foot soak you should try.

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