Do Diet Pills Really Work and cause Weight Loss

How many of us can resist a brand selling the hope of a trimmer waistline and fewer kilos, sealed in a bottle? The idea of popping a pill and losing weight fascinates many of us. But do diet pills really work and if so how effectively? Is there any truth to their claims? Are the pills safe to use? We unravel all the answers in this post.

How are Diet Pills designed? 

How are Diet Pills designed

The diet pills have potent formulations that have different kinds of effects on the body. Depending on how they act, the diet pills can be categorized into –

Appetite Suppressors – These make you feel full and satiated due to the high soluble fiber content in them. Green Tea extracts and psyllium are common ingredients used in such medication. Side Effect–  they can also cause bloating and gas in the body.

Laxatives – Laxatives claim to melt or flush out excess fat and toxins from the body, helping you lose weight. What you need to remember is that the cleansing that they do results in you spending a lot of time in the toilet everyday. The common ingredients in this category of diet pills are rhubarb powder and fennel powder. Side Effect–  Taking such pills continuously makes the body dependent on these pills for bowel movements.

Stimulants – Stimulants improve your metabolism and help you “burn” the fat faster. The ingredients commonly used are caffeine and green tea. Side Effect – Stimulants can induce hyperactivity in the body and also increase the acidity levels in the stomach. They can also increase your blood pressure.

Fat Blockers – Fat blockers are taken along with every meal and they prevent your system from absorbing 1/4th of the fat that you consume in your food. They attach themselves to the enzyme lipase that cause fat metabolism and help you reduce your weight. Side Effect – You may have the risk of vitamin loss if you consume such pills since vitamins like A and D are fat soluble and need fats in the body.

Do Diet Pills Really Work?

Most of the diet pills in the market are simply cashing in on people’s need to lose weight. They may be untested and ineffective. Steer clear of pills that promise you 20 pounds of weight loss within a month of use, without any diet or exercise. That is something that is practically impossible. What the diet pills are meant to do is act as a supplementary treatment alongside your regular exercise and diet and help you shed those last few kilos of stubborn weight.

There are some effective drugs in the market which you can take after consulting your physician, since they can have side effects like headache, increased blood pressure, palpitations and allergic reactions. Some pills like Xenedrine, Xenical and Meridia will help you shed some extra pounds. But continued usage beyond a period of 4-5 months makes your body tolerant to them and they stop showing results.

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So what’s the magic formula? 

Diet Pills for Weight Loss

The tried and tested formula of eating a balanced diet, staying off junk food and exercising your body well is the formula to lose weight. There are no quick fixes when it comes to weight loss. When you have developed a healthy exercise regimen, have undergone a substantial weight loss and are starting to hit a plateau, then you can get a prescription from your doctor for the diet pills. They might help you remain motivated through your weight loss journey.

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