Fabulous Makeup Tips & Tricks To Make Your Deep Set Eyes Look Stunning

If eyes are located comparatively deeper in the eye sockets than others, they are called ‘deep set eyes’. A pair of deep set eyes usually look dull, sunken, blackish (due to the presence of undereye circles), hooded and so forth. It is a no-brainer that one needs to follow some basic tips and tricks while applying makeup to this type of peepers. We have got you covered in this article perfectly:

Fabulous Makeup Tips & Tricks To Make Your Deep Set Eyes Look Stunning

  1. Don’t Skip Primer

Makeup is what you need to make your deep set eyes pop and primer is what you need to keep your makeup on throughout the day. When it comes to preventing your eye liner and shadow from melting off, a little dab of shadow primer can go a long way. So, start with applying primer around your eyes including the eyelids and ensure that your eye makeup doesn’t go anywhere.

  1. Conceal Dark Circles

Undereye dark circles are enough to give us panda eyes and it becomes even worse in case of deep set eyes. Conversely, avoiding the illusion of dark circles is almost impossible if your eyes are set deeper into your skull. So, just conceal it! Apply the right shade of concealer after priming your eye areas, blend very well, and then seal it with a good foundation. This will cover up your dark circles and highlight your eyes.

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  1. Go Light With Shadow

Deep set eyes themselves look a bit dark and recessed due to their deeper locations in the skull and hence, they need to be highlighted with some contrast shades. Start with picking some soft light shades of shadow like peach, pink, golden, etc. for your eye lids. Dip your shadow brush into the product and swipe it all over your lids to give your eyes a bright makeover. You can also coordinate your shadow color with the color of your eyeballs.

  1. Highlight Inner Corners

If you want to bring out your deep set eyes, you have to focus on their inner corners. It is basically an extension of the previous step as you need to swipe your brush along the inner corners of your peepers while applying the lightest shade of eye shadow. The trick will highlight every single bit of your deep set eyes by drawing out the color.

Fabulous Makeup Tips & Tricks To Make Your Deep Set Eyes Look Stunning

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  1. Darken Outer Corners

Now that you have drawn enough attention to the brightest parts of your eyes i.e. the inner corners, choose some darer shades like black, grey, navy blue, etc. for the outer corners. Follow the same method of application and make sure that people are completely distracted from the deep set sections of your eyes.

  1. Apply Eyeliner Carefully

While applying eyeliner to your deep set eyes, the first thing to keep in mind is to use it only on the outer sides and leave the inner sides clean. Drawing lines along the entire length of the lids will make your eyes look unnaturally small. Also, try to create as thin lines as possible with single strokes and lift those gradually as you face the outer corners. These will widen your eyes and give them a brighter look.

  1. Be Tricky With Mascara

Applying mascara to deep set eyes can be quite tricky and you have to master it at any cost. Concentrate on the outer corners of the eyes and be easy on the inner corners of the eyes. You should always use minimum 2 coats of the product to ensure that your eyes pop beautifully. Also, do not forget to curl up your lashes before the application of mascara to get the maximum effects.

Fabulous Makeup Tips & Tricks To Make Your Deep Set Eyes Look Stunning

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  1. Groom Your Eyebrows

Without a pair of well-groomed eyebrows, the eye makeup game can never be a success and the same is true for ladies with deep set eyes too. Take your time to shape up your eyebrows the right way. It is always good to go for straighter arch with this type of eyes as it gives the face a natural and relaxed appearance. Also, do not end up overplucking your brows so that your whole eye makeup becomes spoiled.

Some More Handy Tips…

Apart from those 8 master tricks, we have some more useful tips you. Here we go:

  • Deep set eyes look stunning with coordinated colors of shadow. For this, choose the lightest and darkest shades of the same hue and apply those to the inner corners and the outer corners of your eyes respectively.
  • Stay away from applying dark eyeshadow shades directly onto your creases. Rather, swipe the brush along your brow bones for a softer and prettier look.
  • In case you want to try smokey eyes, skip the shades like black and grey. A little darker shades of any other color will suit you the most.

Whether you like your deep set eyes or not, you can definitely rock your eye makeup with these simple tips and tricks.

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