The Truth about Bottled Water… Read This Before You Buy!

That sparkling bottle of water is quenching your thirst surely, but did you know that it’s not free from contaminants! Surprised? Read on to discover some startling facts you never knew about bottled water.

Bottled Water

There’s More to it than Taste and Sparkle

We buy bottled water, especially the branded ones believing that its glossy outer appeal is a testament to its quality. Fact is that bottled water is not any safer than the tap water you consume at home or at the restaurant.

Health experts explain that though both tap water and bottled water go through a purification process that kills possible germs, parasites and other harmful elements, yet this is no guarantee that the water is 100% free from contaminants.

What’s the Water Source?

While you can find out where the water for public consumption, (in your home and/or other public places) is being drawn from, can you do the same for bottled water?

Water that is being sourced from underground or above-ground for public consumption has to meet strict guidelines as laid down by government agencies. In the case of bottled water however you have no choice but to believe the promises being made by the manufacturer!

Moreover, is the water that is being sourced coming through clean channels, or is it flowing through rusted lead pipes? Health experts explain that the lead pipe is a sure-shot recipe for disaster and it is especially very harmful for pregnant women and children.

And if you do come to know about the harmful source of the bottled water, there is not really much you can do. Your only option is to probably sue the company in such a situation.

What Steps You can Take

Well now that you know that your fancy and de-odorized bottled water is not that healthy after all, there are some precautionary steps you can take, when you buy bottled water.

  • Check the source

Before buying bottled water, check the label to see if the water source is mentioned. Is it sourced from a spring, from a well, or from some other underground source? However there is no guarantee that the manufacturer will mention this on the label!

  • Does the Manufacturer Comply with all Guidelines?

Check if the manufacturer has procured the necessary quality assurances from government agencies. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has laid down strict guidelines for companies selling bottled water. One of those guidelines in fact stresses on the implementation of safe and sanitary manufacturing conditions.

  • Don’t Buy Bottled Water…Carry your Own Water

Boil or filter the tap water available at home and carry it in a bottle instead.

People around the world drink gallons of bottled water thinking that it is ‘the’ safest option before them. The truth is that the humble tap water in our homes is equally safe and probably better than what a lot of those big bottled water brands promise us.

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