Eyeliner Stacking Might Change Your Eye Makeup Game Completely

A thick line can certainly add definition to your eyes, but you need to double it up for changing your eye makeup game completely. Ummm…did not get the point? Want us to be a bit elaborate? Well, here we go. Whether cat eye is your favorite or you are more of a graphic liner person, nothing can turn your style into a statement unless you opt for ‘eyeliner stacking’. A bold ‘stacked’ look not only makes the eyes stand out but also adds depth and density to them. From Beyonce to Gigi Hadid, there are lots of celebs who love this double lining trend. And above all, why stick to a single eyeliner when you can simply ‘double’ the fun? So, let’s discuss eyeliner stacking:

Eyeliner Stacking

How To Do Eyeliner Stacking Like A Pro?

So, what is eyeliner stacking, anyway? It is one of the latest eye makeup trends in which two liquid eyeliners of different colors are stacked on one another to add a pop of color to the eyes as well as give them a flattering look. However, we are going to tell you about the complete eye makeup with a double-lined in details. Here is the breakdown of the steps:

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  • The first and foremost task is to prime the entire eye area. It is a necessity for all eye makeup looks and for a stacked eyeliner style, it is even more important as we want to ensure that the tone of the eyelids remain neutral before putting the liners on. Get a good eye primer (a flesh-toned / nude base will also do), apply it all over your eyelids, and tap on slightly with the pad of your ring finger. No small blood capillaries or other natural discoloration / shadows should be visible.
  • You might want to set the primer with some eye shadow so that the application of the eyeliners becomes easy and effortless. Choose a nude / neutral shadow and apply a little amount of it along the socket lines of your eyes very carefully.
  • Now that your eyelids are totally ready, start lining them along the lash lines with a matte black eyeliner. If you are an amateur, it is better to stick to a creamy, gel-like pencil formula that is easy to apply and creates precise lines (use short feathering strokes). Otherwise, find your HG liquid one. However, make sure that it does not tug at your lids or smudge after a few hours.
  • Once your first line dries up, go for the second one. Find a liquid liner in shade of your choice and draw another line right above the black line just by tracing it. It is advised that you opt for a water-resistant eyeliner that would keep the stacked lines in place for a long time.

Eyeliner Stacking

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  • Apply a thick coat of mascara to your eyelashes. Also, wear a pair of natural, wispy falsies to add a bit extra drama.
  • Finally, tidy up the whole eye area (if needed) by dipping the tip of an angled eyeliner brush into an oil-free makeup remover and sweeping it along the edges of the eyelids.

Tips You Must Know

Need a few more tips about the stacked eyeliner look? Here you go:

  • If your hands are shaky and you are unable to manage drawing lines along your lash lines steadily, avoid using liquid eyeliners. You can also hold the applicator in one hand and use the other hand to make it stable.
  • Do not pick two shades that are too similar to each other. Shades that go very well with black gel liner are white, deep blue, cobalt blue, milky blue, pastel turquoise blue, navy blue, teal, gold, silver, bronze, etc.
  • Women with mono-lids or hooded eyes should always create a winged liner look with the black gel liner. Otherwise, the stacked effects will not be visible easily.
  • If using false eyelashes, skip too thick or heavy ones. Or else, your double-lining will go totally invisible.

Eyeliner Stacking

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Why Should You Try Double-Lining Your Eyes?

Well, do we really need to mention the reasons now? You have already realized how stacking a bold liner on the regular black shade can turn your boring eye makeup into an interesting one almost instantly. It is bright, colorful, and still very much wearable even during the daytime. You can wear stacked eyeliner if you want to flash a little color on your eyelids without going too much dramatic. There is no requirement of any special makeup products or tools, but the end results are absolutely striking. Moreover, you do not need to be a pro for pulling off double-lined eyes.

Just give eyeliner stacking a try and you will surely love it. It is worth the try and quite a fun way to look pretty.

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