‘Thermal Makeup Highlighter’ – Your Way To A Futuristic Makeover

A flawless, glowing skin is the dream of every woman and ‘highlighter’ is definitely our savior in this case. We were going crazy over that strobed, luminous glow when we met the mesmerizing ‘rainbow illuminator’ and we were totally flipped. Now, the makeup world has taken the multicolored phenomenon to an all-new height as a new glimmering makeup technique has evolved to give us an ‘out of the world’ glow with that amazing rainbow glory. Well, we are talking about ‘thermal makeup highlighter’ – the HOTTEST new trend (quite literally!) which has been sweeping social media and making us lose our minds over it. Here are the details:

Thermal Makeup Highlighter

What Is Thermal Highlighting?

Thermal highlighting is basically an amped-up version of rainbow highlighting in which several bright shades i.e. rainbow hues are used for sculpting faces in order to represent ‘scorching thermal body temperatures’. The quirky highlighter look involves a strategic application of luminous or high-shine powder, which is inspired by the neon colors and shapes seen in a thermal imaging body scan. According to POPSUGAR, “This unique look is meant to mimic the electric hues of a thermal body scan, which pinpoints the varying temperatures of different areas.” In other words, neutral shades are replaced by splashes of color like warm gold, dazzling violet, electric blue, etc. in thermal highlighting, which can be customized even more to get a softer finish or a deeper intensity. When paired with a sun-kissed skin, perfectly arched brows, and flawlessly defined lips, this look can certainly step up your rainbow beauty game.

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How Did The ‘Thermal Makeup Highlighter’ Trend Start?

It all started when Iry Randrasana, a Madagascar-based Youtube makeup artist, and Instagram vlogger, posted a video in April on her channel showcasing the step by step method for a futuristic look created with glittering powder (a mixture of eyeshadow and highlighter) of different shades. She was inspired by a photo shoot conducted by Marcelo Cantu and one of her fellow makeup artists Camille Thompson as the duo came up with a similar look based on thermal body scans.

In the description of her video, Iry described her experience, “This colorful extreme highlight look is actually easier to achieve than it looks like. And it was super quick as well. I had lots of fun doing it and I am glad that many of you really enjoyed the photo and preview on Instagram.” The video got nearly 30,000 views and her look was considered as a tough competition for an Instagram filter.

Thermal Makeup Highlighter

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How To Follow The ‘Thermal Makeup Highlighter’ Trend?

Following the Thermal Makeup Highlighter look is quite easy and you can use eyeshadows, loose powders, and even rainbow highlighters to create the technicolor glamor. Here is a DIY method to recreate the holographic look. Check out the steps:

  • Decide on the shades of eyeshadows and loose powders or glittering powders you are going to use. It should be a bright and vibrant palette with a white highlighter in it.
  • Determine the side (whether left or right) of your face you are going to highlight. Also, identify the areas where light falls on your face, such as forehead, nose, cheekbones, chin, etc.
  • Now, start creating the look by applying the base makeup like foundation, concealer and a little bit of powder (if you wish).
  • Take a brush, pick some white highlighter with it, and apply across the areas that need to be highlighted like the lower half of your forehead, top of your cheekbones, and the side of your chin.
  • Take another shade like light green on your brush and trace around the edges of the white highlighter you have just used.

Thermal Makeup Highlighter

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  • Follow it with another shade, such as orange-gold and apply it to the outer layer of the light green highlighter the same way.
  • Make sure that you brush the last two shades of highlighter thinly and in light layers on your skin in order to make the white section in the center look the brightest.
  • Finally, apply a thin layer of a pinkish red glittering powder or eyeshadow surrounding the edge of the orange-gold highlighter.
  • If you blend all the colors beautifully, the final result will be a mesmerizing look with a multi-colored glittery finish.

Thermal makeup highlighter is not a trend for everyone. It also does not create a look that suits each and every occasion. But if you are extremely attracted to that ‘ethereal glow with rainbow shades’, it is definitely for you. Moreover, it is easy and fun to try and quite a perfect choice to stand out from others in parties or during the festive season. So, just be loud, get super creative, and try your hands on it. It is your time to turn the heat up through your rainbow look. All the best!

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